Quick Review: Deadpool

I can’t believe it took me over a month to do this. I’ve been really busy – apologies!

The only expectation I really had for Deadpool was the humor. I was pleasantly surprised that their was still plenty left the trailers hadn’t spoiled yet! If there was something to nitpick, it was the structure of the film. My head felt like it was almost spinning with the amount of times the story would switch from past to current time. There could have been a bit less, and I think it’d help the story flow better, but that’s really my only con with the film. (Other than this couple who decided to take their 3 kids, who had to be 6 and younger, to this film. WTF!) There were so many memorable lines and moments, although I didn’t quite get Francis’ obsession with “What’s my name?” Spoiler if you somehow haven’t seen the film yet, but oddly my two favorite scenes of the film was the baby hand part (I don’t know why I found this so funny) and when Colossus and Negasonic first visit Deadpool in the film (breaking all his bones, cutting his hand off…yeah that part). It was a hilarious interaction and I’m kind of hoping for more of it in the future, but we’ll see…I just remembered one other thing that was a con – the CG for Colossus. I understand the film didn’t have the biggest budget ever, but the CG wasn’t great for him. But the design, size, voice of the character was much better than what the X-Men films had brought! Speaking of design, Negasonic’s X-Men costume! We better be seeing those yellow costumes in the X-Men franchise! She showed it can work!

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Quick Review: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Sorry I am a bit late on my quick review for the sequel to The Maze Runner but here it is!

I’ll be honest, I read the entire series and I didn’t think the sequels were as good as the first book. I actually did like the movie, however. It strays from the book and scenes are altered (so if you aren’t into that, you should probably not watch it). The movie’s pace is a little off at the beginning but it gets better halfway through. A problem I had was the way they ended the film, mainly because I read the book and it was changed. I think one issue the film faced was what the story was. We were left with a cliff hanger from the first movie in that the human race is practically wiped out and Earth is affected by the Flare. If you didn’t read the books, I think you’d be confused to certain elements of the story – the Flare and it’s effects on the human race needed more explanation, who Brenda and the rest of the gang were (and why are they not with the others), WCKD and Rat-Man. I do want to applaud the cinematography of the film as anytime the camera was panned out and showed a landscape view of the group’s journey it was quite amazing. The scene in the desert when the gun shot went off, the storm they were caught in…I think that was actually one of the better parts of the movie which is saying something. Hopefully, the final movie can find it’s place again in the Maze Runner story.

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