Fan-Cast: Missing Avengers / MCU Members

The reason why I have so little MCU fan-cast is because many of the characters have already been cast. So I decided to do a single post that fan-casts the missing members of the Avengers team (or in the MCU in general).

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Fan-Cast: The Marauders (coming soon)

I want to see a lot more of the wizarding world introduced by the Harry Potter series and continued by Fantastic Beasts. There are so many possibilities and one of the biggest asked for spin-off is on the Marauders. Some want a movie series, others a TV series (on HBO or BBC). As long as the story’s right, I think it could go either way. If a movie, however, I’d rather see a trilogy than an entire Harry Potter-sized series. I’ve already worked on a Harry Potter spin-off with the Hogwarts founders and I plan to add more spin-off fan casts over time.

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Fan-Cast: Fantastic Four (Reboot)

It’s no secret that the recent attempt at a Fantastic Four reboot failed critically and financially. It’s led to many fans (including myself) wanting another new reboot so we can forget that attempt of a reboot, which would’ve been part of Fox’s Marvel cinematic universe. For this fan-cast, it’s pretty open to where ever F4 ends up – still with Fox or joining the Disney/MCU.

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Fan-Cast: Scooby Doo / Mystery Inc

Although the 2002 and 2004 films were enjoyable, and have become somewhat of a guilty favorite, they weren’t technically the best…So I’d love to see a new attempt at a live-action Scooby Doo film!  WB plans to make an animated cinematic-type universe reboot for Scooby Doo, but I think it’d be fun to see another (better) attempt at a live-action. Perhaps instead of calling it Scooby Doo, Mystery Inc would better suit. But who should play the roles? Let’s fan-cast!

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Fan-Cast: Founders of Hogwarts

This is a big one I’ve been wanting to do for awhile…

I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan. It’s probably the first franchise that I got hooked to (yes, even before superhero/CB films). Although there are no books on the four founders of Hogwarts, it’s still a BIG opportunity for JK/Warner Brothers to make this prequel movie(s) to explain the history of the school so many have seen Harry Potter attend. There are other stories I’d like to see developed that has to do with the wizarding world (like the other wizarding schools out there) but this would be a smart move given that the audience would be familiar with Hogwarts and these 4 wizards and witches. Plus, we get to see the origins of many things at Hogwarts such as the creation of the sorting hat, the chamber of secrets/basilisk, the diadem, and that golden cup that was turned into a horcrux…

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