Hey geeks, nerds, fans, whatever-you-call-yourself!

My blog is pretty widespread in terms of fandomness! I’ll update movie/TV show news, book stuff, fan-cast, fan-edits – basically everything someone from a fandom would do! I stick with what I’m interested in but if there’s something you want me to cover just let me know!

Opinions are WELCOMED but rudeness is not!

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22 thoughts on “About

  1. would you do a new mutants , deadpool 2 , X force , MOS 2 fancast ?
    in the honnor of the news when will you add those fancasts ?
    maybe you’d give me your facebook or your twitter to talk about those fancasts well i didn’t like some of Lorena/aquagirl choices isn’t she younger than Mera ? most of them are somehow too old for the role

    • I don’t think I’ll do New Mutants given the rumored official casting, so it’s likely other members will be cast soon. I am currently working on Deadpool 2 and X-Force, so let me know if you have specific characters/actors in mind. I am working on MoS 2 and just need more casting/character ideas for the sequel. I wanted Lorena older than Tula but still close in age to Garth.

      • well for domino i have Mary elizbeth Winteas , Rachel nichols
        for X-force i have many suggestions for X 23 i know you won’t all use them but i can share them
        Ivana baquero
        India eisly
        Courtney eaton
        well that’s only what i have for hope summers
        Molly quinn
        Maddie hasson
        Well that’s all and hope you’d use actors who you never used in fancast you seems like a vampire diaries , teen wolf and Under the dome lover
        by the way i have made a suggestion in the flash movie those are original choices

  2. hi my name’s Analise and i am fan of both dc and marvel well a reboot of X-men is coming in 2017 would you like to do a cast for it ?
    and i want you to add Carrie Kelley/Robin i have only one suggestion : Annalise Basso and of course also if you have time add the rest of the bat and aqua family

  3. hi if you are doing fancasts for books , would you like to do a fancast for looking for alaska , heroes of olympus and Gone series ?

      • thanks those books are really good but please try to stay a little on the age range well search over acting ability of course but try a little to stay on the age range of the character well you can leave the character Alaska casting it rumored that Elle faning is playing it

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