Fan-Cast: Missing Avengers / MCU Members

The reason why I have so little MCU fan-cast is because many of the characters have already been cast. So I decided to do a single post that fan-casts the missing members of the Avengers team or in the MCU in general.

Let me know who you want to see join the Avengers (or in general) and who you would cast! I’m posting this early so everyone can get their ideas in before I put together the fan-casting.

If you’re looking for the recently bought Fox properties such as Fantastic Four and X-Men, they will have separate fan-cast posts. 4 is already done, but X-Men may take awhile (as I’m waiting to see if they will indeed re-cast).


Adam Warlock

Alexander S, Andrew L, Armie H, Charlie H, Ewan M, Joseph M, Kevin M, Luke E, Matt B, Matthew G, Matthew M, Mike V, Nikolaj CW, Orlando B, Richard M, Sam H.

We got a nice little tease of Adam in the credits scene with Ayesha in GotG Vol. 2, and it seems like we could see the character finally appear in the third film. The director confirmed he originally had Adam in the script for Vol. 2 but it was simply overcrowded. (He has also confirmed no Adam for Infinity War for those wondering.)

MOONDRAGON (Heather Douglas)


Adelaide K, Adele E, Adria A, Amanda W, Ana DA, Courtney E, Daisy R, Hailee S, Kaitlyn L, Kelsey C, Lulu A, Maiara W, Naomi S, Phoebe T, Seychelle G, Sofia BD.

Heather would be an interesting character to add to the MCU. I’d love to see what that’ll mean for Drax as even Bautista said he’d be interested in seeing her character resurrected. But in the mean time, we’ll see if they’ll even incorporate her.


Moon Knight Marc Spector

Alexander S, Dean OG, Domhnall G, Edgar R, Eric B, Garrett H, Jake G, Jon H, Keanu R, Lance G, Michael JW, Mido H, Nikolaj CW, Omari H, Rami M, Rufus S.

Some call MK Marvel’s version of Batman, but his origins are different from DC’s. There have been live-action works in the making in the past but none have ever reached the light of day. So we’ll fan-cast anyways whether or not it ends up being a series or film…

NAMOR (Namor McKenzie)

Namor McKenzie

Aidan T, Brian T, Colin F, Daniel H, Donnie Y, Godfrey G, Ian AD, Ian S, John C, Karl Y, Keanu R, Luke E, Orlando B, Steven Y, Wes B, Zachary Q.

I wonder how long it’ll be until Namor is introduced into the MCU…They may wait a bit and introduce other characters instead with DC establishing their universe featuring Aquaman, who also has a solo film coming next year.

NOVA (Richard Rider)

Nova Richard Rider

Alexander L, Alexander S, Alex P, Charlie H, Daniel S, Garrett H, Glen P, Jake A, Jensen A, Jeremy S, John K, Liam H, Mike V, Ryan G, Sam H, William M.

We could have seen Nova in GotG, but we didn’t. If we ever see him, I feel like GotG would have been the best place to introduce him. The director did recently say that Marvel is considering bringing him in to the MCU…but we’ll have to wait and see when and where.

SENTRY (Robert Reynolds)

Sentry Robert Reynolds

Alexander S, Armie H, Brad P, Charlie H, Domhnall G, Gabriel M, Harry L, Jared P, Kellan L, Luke B, Matthew G, Nikolaj CW, Richard M, Ryan M, Sam C, Taylor K.

I feel like we’ll see Sentry when they introduce F4 and/or the X-Men to the MCU. They have multiple other characters to work on so maybe we won’t see him for awhile…

SHE-HULK (Jennifer Walters)

She Hulk Jennifer Walters

Alexandra D, Alicia V, Ashley G, Eliza D, Emilia C, Emmy R, Gaia W, Mary EW, Olga K, Olivia W, Paula P, Rebecca F, Rooney M, Rosamund P, Shelley H, Taylor C.

I don’t know if they plan to ever introduce another Hulk character, particularly since we can’t even get a Hulk/Planet Hulk solo movie. But I guess time will tell?

SPIDER-WOMAN (Jessica Drew)

Spider Woman Jessica Drew

Alexandra D, Astrid BF, Ashley G, Emilia C, Emmy R, Irina S, Jessica L, Jessika V, Marie A, Mary EW, Meghan O, Michelle R, Olivia W, Rooney M, Stephanie C, Taylor C.

I had already created a SW fan-cast on the separate Spider-Man fan-cast post. I explained there that I don’t know which universe she’ll appear in (Sony’s Venom-verse or MCU) but I can at least still upload this until we get an answer.




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