Joss Whedon in talks to direct Batgirl

Variety first broke the news that Avengers’ director Joss Whedon is in talks with Warner Brothers to produce, write, and direct the first ever Batgirl solo film.

In surprising news, well-known Batman character, Batgirl, will get her own solo film, marking the second female hero in the DCEU to get a solo film (with Wonder Woman being first). This is also the fourth film to be announced that deals with Gotham/Batman-centric characters, with a Batman solo, Nightwing solo, and Gotham City Sirens films on the way.

The film is said to follow the New 52 version of Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, where Barbara returns to crime-fighting after recovering from her paralysis due to an attack by Joker (The Killing Joke).

No release date has been set yet. It’ll be curious to see how this film will coincide with other Gotham films, Batman, Nightwing, and GCS.

Check out the fan cast below featured in Batman solo and Birds of Prey movie fan-casts:

Batgirl Barbara Gordon

Allison W, Anna K, Ashley G, Courtney E, Daisy R, Emma S, Emma W, Haley B, Jane L, Lily J, Lucy B, Marie A, Mary EW, Naomi S, Olivia C, Riley K, Rose L, Shailene W, Sophie C, Willa F, Zoey D.

Who would you cast (does not need to be from this fan-cast) as Barbara Gordon?


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