Fan-Cast: (He-Man) Masters of the Universe

A new He-Man/Masters of the Universe has been underway for awhile now but has had troubles getting a script going and a director. But there is certainly going to be a film, but we may have to continue waiting before things finally set.

HE-MAN (Prince Adam)

He Man

Alan R, Alexander S, Armie H, Charlie H, Chris E, Chris H, Chris P, Chris Z, Daniel C, Derek T, Glen P, Jeremy S, Kellan L, Lucas T, Mike V, Ryan M, Sam C, Sam H, Taylor K, Tom H.

I don’t know how exactly the live-action would introduce Adam/He-Man, particularly if they’ll use just one actor or two. They could do what they did in Captain America with Chris Evans but who knows. I’m sticking with one for now just to make things easier.



Aidan T, Benedict C, Billy C, Callan M, Christian B, Christoph W, Colin F, Daniel DL, Djimon H, Gerald B, Karl U, Keanu R, Mads M, Mark S, Michael KW, Ralph F, Richard A, Rufus S, Santiago C, Willem D.

Hopefully they cast someone good for the role of Skeletor. Whoever it is, needs to be able to act past the mask of Skeletor, and having an intimidating voice for one would help.



Adrianne P, Alexandra B, Alexandra D, Amanda R, Eleanor T, Genesis R, Isabel L, Jane L, Jessica C, Mary EW, Paula P, Rachel HW, Olivia W, Rachel N, Rebecca F, Riley K, Rose L, Sarah L, Shelley H, Taylor C.

Teela should be younger but whoever portrays her needs to be able to portray her toughness as well. I don’t know how old/young they’d cast for her, so this fan-cast varies a bit.


Man at Arms

Adam B, Brandon M, Christian B, Eric B, Ethan H, Gerald B, Javier B, Jeffrey DM, Jon H, Josh B, Kevin M, Nikolaj CW, Richard A, Santiago C, Timothy O, Zach M.

Duncan should be one of the oldest of the group but fan-casting him is a bit hard. I tried to vary and also look at other fans’ ideas, but there isn’t really enough.


Evil Lyn

Ania B, Astrid BF, Berenice M, Carice VH, Emilia C, Eva G, Famke J, Gemma A, Gugu MR, Jordana B, Lynn C, Marion C, Moran A, Melanie L, Olga K, Priyanka C, Rachel W, Rhona M, Rooney M, Tatiana M.

Evil-Lyn should obviously be portrayed by someone who can pull off her charisma. I varied in ideas and added any fan ideas I saw.



Ali L, Angelina J, Cate B, Charlize T, Connie N, Diane K, Jennifer C, Joely R, Kate B, Kate W, Katheryn W, Lena H, Michelle P, Naomi W, Robin W, Rosamund P.

Like others, I don’t know what exactly they’re looking for in casting the Sorceress. So again, here’s a mix of mine and other fans ideas.


King Randor

Anthony H, Arnold S, Craig P, Daniel C, Daniel DL, Danny H, Dolph L, Jeff B, Jeffrey DM, Josh B, Ray S, Richard A, Rufus S, Sean B, Stephen L, Viggo M.

It’d be fun if former He-Man stars joined the new take on MOTU in different roles, say Dolph as Randor instead. But I added a mix of other actors as well.


Queen Marlena

Amy B, Angelina J, Cate B, Chelsea F, Connie N, Diane L, Lynda C, Melina K, Michelle F, Michelle P, Monica B, Paige T, Rachel W, Rene R, Sandra B, Sigourney W.

Whoever portrays the mother of Adam and Adora should not only be old enough but somewhat resemble them. So here’s a mix of mine and others’ ideas for the character!

SHE-RA (Princess Adora)

She Ra

Abbey L, Alison S, Claire H, Dianna A, Emily B, Gabriella W, Gaia W, Haley B, Imogen P, Lily J, Lucy F, Natalie D, Rachel S, Rosamund P, Saoirse R, Skyler S, Tamsin E, Teresa P, Willa F, Yvonne S.

Fan-casting a character that is supposed to be the twin of another (Adam) is difficult to say the least.

And that’s it for the Masters of the Universe fan-cast! Let me know who you want to see added!


He Man Masters of the Universe

As of Sept. 16, 2017 – Alan Ritchson for He Man, Emily Blunt for She Ra, Eva Green for Evil Lyn, Jessica Chastain for Teela, Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Man at Arms, Charlize Theron for The Sorceress, Viggo Mortensen for King Randor, Sigourney Weaver for Queen Marlena, Willem Dafoe for Skeletor.


4 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: (He-Man) Masters of the Universe

  1. The only things I have are the following:
    Chris Hemsworth
    Tom Hardy
    Charlie Hunnam as Adam/He Man
    Christoph Waltz
    Willem Dafoe as Skeletor
    Jessica Chastain as Teela

  2. Fisto – Tyler Mane, Ralf Moller
    Beast Man – Ron Pearlman
    Ram Man – Vinnie Jones
    Man @ Arms – Nick Offerman
    She-Ra – Margot Robbie

  3. Grew up watching this cartoon. Awesome it was too. HE man has to be Vigo Mortenson.
    Fisto . Tyler mane.
    Beast man Arnold swartziniger.’
    Ram man. Vinnie jones.
    man at arms Bruce Willis.
    SHE-RA. . Sara Michelle geller .
    Teela. Jessica Alba

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