Fan-Cast: (Teen) Titans – Movie

I finally decided to split the fan-cast for Titans, one for the potential film and for a potential TV show.

CYBORG (Victor Stone)

We already have our cinematic Cyborg with Ray Fisher debuting as the character in Justice League! At the moment, he has a solo film set for 2020 but I imagine things could change…

NIGHTWING (Dick Grayson)

dick grayson nightwing

Adam G, Bob M, Brant D, Daniel R, Daniel S, Douglas B, Drew R, Dylan OB, Finn W, Garrett H, Kevin Z, Logan L, Penn B, Steven RM, Tyler B.

The reason I left him simply Dick Grayson is because I don’t know what alter ego we could see him as in the DCCU. There’s a lot of rumors surrounding the Robins and one is that Dick will already be Nightwing and has parted ways from Bruce in the DCCU. So I’m fan casting for Nightwing/Dick…hopefully that is true.

*UPDATE – Tyler Hoechlin has been removed due to his casting in CW’s Supergirl as Superman.*

STARFIRE (Koriand’r)


Alexandra D, Ana DA, Camilla B, Claire H, Eleanor T, Genesis R, Haley B, Imogen P, Isabel L, Jane L, Lily J, Lucy F, Meagan T, Riley K, Shelley H, Stephanie C.

Starfire has not been introduced in neither the TV or movie universes. I wonder who will bring her first! She’s a popular character and would be a great addition to the Titans team.

*Sophie Turner has been removed from the poll due to her casting as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Mera. Odette Annable has been removed due to her casting in Supergirl.*

RAVEN (Rachel Roth)

raven movie

Adria A, Aiysha H, Alicia V, Astrid BF, Camilla B, Courtney E, Crystal R, Daisy R, Emilia C, Emily B, Kiko M, Ksenia S, Marie A, Rooney M, Teresa P, Zoey D.

Like Starfire, Raven hasn’t been introduced in live-action, only in animated series. I think introducing her to the Titans and bringing in the Trigon story line could be a potential good first film for the Titans. But we’ll see…

BEAST BOY (Garfield Logan)

Beast Boy

Asa B, Ashton M, Billy U, BooBoo S, Callan M, Chandler R, Charlie R, Dave F, Dylan OB, Gabriel B, Josh H, Nick R, Sam S, Timothee C, Tyler P.

So if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, or at least my fan-casts, then you’d know I’ve already done one for Beast Boy in Titans. So I basically took the same ideas from my previous one and incorporated it with some new ideas. I wanted him to be a teen or young adult for the film. He should definitely be the youngest of the Patrol. You can vote your pick or comment if I missed someone!

*UPDATE – Gregg Sulkin removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways. Brenton Thwaites removed due to casting in the Titans series. Ryan Potter removed due to casting as Beast Boy in the Titans series.*

TERRA (Tara Markov)


Ana DA, Annasophia R, Britt R, Carlson Y, Chloe M, Claire H, Elle F, Gabriella W, Gaia W, Haley B, Halston S, Juno T, Kiernan S, Maika M, Nicola P. Saoirse R.

As many of the Titans in this fan-cast, we’ve yet to meet Terra in live-action. She might not even be a main Titan member at first in either live-action universe, but I think we’ll see her eventually somewhere.

*UPDATE – Virginia Gardner removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways.*

KID FLASH (Wally West)

So here’s the thing with fan-casting Wally. Kiersey is actually biracial (half-white, half-black). So Wally could potentially be of either race (or mixed as well); if the movie universe acknowledges this. So to be fair, I’ve included 2 fan-casts for Wally. Can’t wait to see who they cast!

Kid Flash Wally West

Ansel E, Billy U, Callan M, Charlie R, Cody C, Colin F, Gabriel B, Jake TA, Josh H, KJ A, Nick R, Timothee C.

Since Ezra is young (at least among the JL members), I tried to find Wally picks younger or the same age as him. I mean, he could be older/same age as Barry if Iris’ sibling was old enough. It’s totally possible, but I don’t think they’d do that. We’ll see if they follow the CW’s show by making him Iris’ brother instead. Anyways, I don’t think Wally will be getting his powers yet. Or at least won’t be suiting up for a while…

*UPDATE – Gregg Sulkin removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways. Brenton Thwaites removed due to casting in the Titans series.*

Kid Flash Wally West

Adrian KT, Jordan F, Khylin R, Nadji J, Noah GC, Shameik M, Stephan J, Tequan R, Trevor J, Tyler JW.

Again, don’t know the exact age they’re looking for in Wally. So I tried to vary from younger to about Ezra’s age. Now it’d be hilarious if Shameik got the role, as this would be another from Famuyiwa’s Dope.

BLUE BEETLE (Jaime Reyes)

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes

Alberto R, Ashton M, Brandon P, Avan J, Carlos PV, Diego B, Dylan OB, Jake TA, Jordan R, Logan H, Santiago S, Tyler P.

There are 2 Blue Beetles, with the first being Ted Kord. If DC is going to introduce the hero, Kord should come first. Then we can see Reyes come along, joining the Titans. Plus, Snyder has said he wouldn’t exactly rule out obscure heroes like Beetle from the League…

ROCKET (Raquel Ervin)


Alexandra M, Antonia T, Imani H, Kat G, Keke P, Logan B, Meagan T, Nathalie E, Serayah, Sydney P, Yaya D, Zoe K.

Another character more likely to appear in a TV Titans than movie. She would also probably be on the younger side.

*UPDATE – Zendaya has been removed due to her casting in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Kiersey Clemons removed due to her casting in The Flash movie.*

GARTH (Aqualad/Tempest)

Aqualad Garth

Asa B, Ashton M, Avan J, Daniel S, Drew R, George F, Harry SJr, Justin C, Kevin Z, Ki HL, Logan H, Logan L, Remy H, Shannon K, Tyler B.

I already had a Garth fan-cast in Titans but I decided to make a new one for this to better match the cinematic universe…I guess. I’m not sure what age they’re looking at for this character however, so I tried to mix it up.

*UPDATE – Ryan Potter removed due to casting as Beast Boy in the Titans series.*

AQUALAD (Kaldur’ahm/Jackson Hyde)

Aqualad Kaldur

Alfie E, Corbin B, Dayo O, Eli G, Elliot K, Jacob A, John B, Nadji J, Najee DT, Noah GC, Shameik M, Stephan J, Tequan R, Titus M JR, Tristan W.

Again, don’t really know the plans for the Aquaman solo and which characters they’ll include. But in case they do in the future, let’s fan-cast Kaldur! Let me know if I missed anyone!

*UPDATE – Donald Glover removed due to casting in Spider-Man Homecoming. Michael B Jordan removed due to casting in Black Panther.*

MISS MARTIAN (M’gann Morzz)

Miss Martian

Adele E, Alice E, Allison S, Annalise B, Daveigh C, Elizabeth L, Emma W, Haley R, Halston S, Holland R, Jane L, Katie S, Maika M, Molly Q, Willa F, Zoey D.

I don’t think we’ll see Miss Martian in the film universe any time soon, we haven’t even heard signs of Martian Manhunter himself, but we can still fan cast her anyways!

SUPERBODY (Connor Kent)


Alexander L, Ansel E, Asa B, Connor J, Dylan S, Josh H, Liam H, Liam J, Logan L, Matthew D, Steven RM, Taron E.

We’ll probably see Supergirl first before we Superboy, but just in case why not fan-cast him? I’m sure I’m missing some actors so let me know if I did. I just wanted to point out the addition of Dylan Sprayberry who actually played young Clark Kent in Man of Steel. He’s about (or will be) the right age for Connor in my opinion and it’d be funny to see him come back for the role!


Artemis Crock

Amanda W, Hailee S, Hayley K, Jamie L, Janel P, Kaitlyn L, Katie C, Kelsey C, Lulu A, Nicola GA.

Keep in mind that Artemis is half-Asian. So I easily narrowed my search for fan-cast ideas by looking for actresses who fit that, not just her hair color. Remember that the actress can easily dye her hair or be wigged.

*UPDATE – Pom Klementieff has been removed due to her casting in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Jessica Henwick has been removed due to her casting in Marvel’s Iron Fist.*

RED ARROW/ARSENAL (Speedy/Roy Harper)

Roy Harper Red Arrow

Alexander L, Alex P, Ansel E, Callan M, Colin F, Daniel S, Douglas B, Jeremy S, KJ A, Nolan GF, Sterling B, Taron E.

Obviously, Roy should be younger than Oliver. What’s his situation in the cinematic universe? It depends. Do they plan to age up Green Arrow like they did Batman? Will he have been GA for awhile or just starting? This’ll effect how Roy comes to the story…So there’s a mix of ages a bit.

*UPDATE – Brenton Thwaites removed due to casting in the Titans series.*

WONDER GIRL (Donna Troy)

Donna Troy Wonder Girl

Alexandra D, Alexis K, Astrid BF, Daisy R, Emmy R, Jessica L, Lily J, Marie A, Nina D, Olivia T, Shelley H, Zoey D.

Out of the two Wonder Girls, Donna is more likely to appear in the DC Universe. Not sure what her exact role would be, or if she’s already been cast, but we’ll see! IMO, Donna should be older than Cassie (but younger than Diana) as well as taller than her. Anyways..

WONDER GIRL (Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark)

Cassandra Sandsmark Wonder Girl

Annasophia R, Ashley B, Candice A, Chloe M, Claire H, Elle F, Emma W, Haley B, Halston S, Hannah T, Lily J, Maika M, Spencer L, Suki W, Willa F.

Maybe they already cast Cassie, who knows, (or even if she’ll be cast). If you follow my Titans Fan-Cast, I already had done one for Cassie but I decided to update/adjust it for the DC Universe. I had younger casting choices for Titans but for this I decided to go a little older (but still younger than Diana/Gal).

(RED) ROBIN (Tim Drake)

Tim Drake Red Robin

Asa B, Ashton M, BooBoo S, Brandon SH, Dylan OB, Josh H, Logan L, Nick R, Sterling B, Timothee C, Tyler P, Zachary G.

I don’t know the possibility of the Titans film including both Dick and Tim, it could work, but just in case I added him. Whether Tim goes by Robin or Red Robin, he’d be a great addition to the team.

*UPDATE – Ryan Potter removed due to casting as Beast Boy in the Titans series.*

RAVAGER (Rose Wilson)

Rose Wilson Ravager

Alexandria D, Annasophia R, Brighton S, Chloe M, Courtney E, Elle F, Hailee S, Isabelle F, Kiernan S, Madison D, Naomi S, Nicola P, Odeya R, Saoirse R, Zoey D.

Rose is the daughter of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, one of the prominent Titans’ villains. She, however, does turn her back on her father at some point and joins the Titans. In the DCEU, I’m not sure if Slade’s daughter will be included but just in case…Also, I don’t know if the movies would follow her New-52 version or prior to that…So I varied the fan-cast but was limited by age as Manganiello is only 40 so Rose would be quite young.

*UPDATE – Virginia Gardner removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways. Skyler Samuels removed due to casting in The Gifted.*


Teen Titans Movie

As of Aug. 24, 2017 – Finn Wittrock for Nightwing, Alexandra Daddario for Starfire, Tyler Blackburn for Garth/Aqualad, Rooney Mara for Raven, Taron Egerton for Roy Harper/Red Arrow, Alexandra Daddario for Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Dylan O’Brien for Beast Boy, Chloe Moretz for Terra, Charlie Rowe/Tyler James Williams for Kid Flash, Keke Palmer for Rocket, Ryan Potter for Tim Drake/Robin, Isabelle Fuhrman for Ravager, John Boyega for Aqualad/Kaldur, Kelsey Chow for Artemis Crock, Jake T Austin for Blue Beetle, Jane Levy for Miss Martian, Dylan Sprayberry for Superboy, Annasophia Robb for Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl.

My top-picks:

Teen Titans Nightwing Starfire Raven Beast Boy Kid Flash Wonder Girl Blue Beetle Red Arrow Terra Rocket Aqualad Artemis Ravager Superboy Miss Martian

Kelsey Chow for Artemis Crock, Jacob Anderson for Aqualad/Kaldur’ahm, Dylan O’Brien for Beast Boy, Tyler Posey for Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes, Lily James for Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl, Alexandra Daddario for Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Shannon Kook for Garth/Aqualad/Tempest, Charlie Rowe or Jordan Fisher for Kid Flash, Emma Watson for Miss Martian, Finn Wittrock for Nightwing, Adria Arjona for Raven, Madison Davenport for Ravager/Rose Wilson, Ansel Elgort for Red Arrow/Roy Harper/Arsenal, Brandon Soo Hoo for Robin/Tim Drake, Sydney Park for Rocket, Meagan Tandy for Starfire, Dylan Sprayberry for Superboy, Elle Fanning for Terra.


4 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: (Teen) Titans – Movie

  1. For your consideration:Static Shock was a
    member and I think Bryshere Y. Grey,Jussie Smollett,Tyler James Williams,and Shameik Moore are my top choices.
    As a sidenote,Bushido was pretty cool and I think Remy Hii or Dennis Oh could pull it off

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