Fan-Cast: Fantastic Four (Reboot)

It’s no secret that the recent attempt at a Fantastic Four reboot failed critically and financially. It’s led to many fans (including myself) wanting another new reboot so we can forget that attempt of a reboot, which would’ve been part of Fox’s Marvel cinematic universe. For this fan-cast, it’s pretty open to where ever F4 ends up – still with Fox or joining the Disney/MCU.

MR FANTASTIC (Reed Richards)

mr fantastic

Alexander S, Alex OL, Andrew L, Christian C, Colin M, Colin OD, Daniel G, David A, Eddie R, Harry L, Ian H, Matt B, Penn B, Richard M, Santiago C, Wes B.

For the F4, I don’t really know how they would plan to reboot it – with older or younger actors, something we’ve seen in both previous versions. I prefer the older route, but we’ll see how that goes…


invisible woman

Abbey L, Alice E, Analeigh T, Blake L, Diane K, Emily W, Gabriella W, Gaia W, Imogen P, Lily J, Lucy B, Olivia W, Tamsin E, Taylor C, Teresa P, Yvonne S.

As for each character, I don’t know if they’ll attempt a younger F4 like the previous reboot did or go a bit older like the ’05 movie did. So I mixed up the age range for Sue, aiming overall for someone who’s older than her brother, Johnny.

HUMAN TORCH (Johnny Storm)

human torch

Alex P, Ansel E, Brenton T, Cody C, Colin F, Daniel S, Dave F, Dustin M, Glen P, Hunter P, Jake A, Jeremy S, Liam H, Nick R, Nolan GF, Zac E.

Whoever plays Johnny should be a bit more cocky and the clear youngster of the F4. He should also be the “fun” one of the group, so as long as the actor can pull that off…I varied a bit in ages for Johnny as well, going older in case Sue is older and younger in case Sue is cast younger.

THE THING (Ben Grimm)

the thing

Adam B, Alan R, Alex OL, Ben F, Bruce W, Domhnall G, Garrett H, Geoff S, Jensen A, Jeremy S, Kellan L, Luke G, Michael E, Michael JW, Ryan G, Taye D.

Again, pulling from others’ ideas and my own as well as varying in ages…It’d be fun to see The Thing and Hulk together on the same screen (but who knows where F4 will end up).

DOCTOR DOOM (Victor von Doom)

doctor doom

Aidan T, Andrew L, Christoph W, Colin F, Craig P, Ian S, Joseph F, Joel E, Jon H, Martin W, Nikolaj CW, Richard A, Rufus S, Timothy O, Viggo M, Zachary Q.

Personally, I liked McMahon’s take on Doom but I don’t see him returning for the role. I tried, using others’ ideas as well, to put together actors that can potentially pull off the role.

Let me know what other characters you want to see added to the F4 fan-cast!

Your top-voted picks!

fantastic four 4

As of Feb. 26, 2017 – David Annable then Andrew Lincoln for Mr Fantastic, Alice Eve then Blake Lively for Invisible Woman, Alex Pettyfer then Dave Franco for Human Torch, Ben Foster then Bruce Willis for The Thing, Colin Farrell then Christoph Waltz for Doctor Doom.

My top-picks:

Fantastic four

Michael J White/Ben Foster for The Thing/Ben Grimm, Daniel Gillies/Richard Madden for Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards, Rufus Sewell/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Doctor Doom/Victor von Doom, Alice Eve/Imogen Poots for Invisible Woman/Sue Storm, and Daniel Sharman/Alex Pettyfer for Human Torch/Johnny Storm.


11 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Fantastic Four (Reboot)

  1. I’ve always felt they should skip by the origin BS and just make the cast older. I’d suggest Ethan Hawke for Reed, Garrett Hedlund as Johnny Natalie Zea as Sue, Terry Crews or Bruce Willis as The Thing, and Christoph Waltz as Dr.Doom

  2. I admire your ideas you should do more villians from the fantastic four such as Moleman, Super Skrull, Galactus, Puppet Master or Psycho Man.

  3. Matt Smith as Reed Richards/ Mr Fantastic
    Lily James as Sue Storm/ Invisible Woman
    Robert Kazinsky as Ben Grimm/ The Thing
    Bradley James as Johnny Storm/ Human Torch

  4. Glenn Howerton is my Reed Richards, Rosamund Pike my Sue Storm, Sam Claflin my Johnny Storm, Michael Cudlitz my Ben Grimm and Vincent Cassels my Victor von Doom

  5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic
    Rosamund Pike as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman
    Sam Claflin as Johnny Storm/Human Torch
    Vin Diesel as Ben Grimm/The Thing
    Joaquin Phoenix as Victor Von Doom/Dr Doom

  6. Mole Man
    Alicia Masters
    Puppet Master
    Kang The Conqueror
    Namor the Sub-Mariner
    Franklin Storm
    Silver Surfer
    Do These Fan-Casts, Because They’re Marvel and Fantastic Four Characters

  7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Richard Madden as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic
    Alice Eve as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman
    Sam Claflin or Zac Efron as Johnny Storm/Human Torch
    Jensen Ackles as Ben Grimm/The Thing
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Victor Von Doom/Dr Doom

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