Looking Forward: Comic Book Films 2017


Here’s the timeline for comic book films coming out next year! We have 3 from Marvel/Disney, 2 from WB/DC, 1 from Fox/Marvel, and 1 from Fox/Icon. There are probably more adaptations out there I’m missing but these are the ones I’ll likely end up seeing. Now the question here is which of these 7 am I looking forward to most? Which will see critical success and which will see box office success? Here’s what I think (and let me know what you think)!

First, let’s talk box-office…

Box-office wise, comic book/superhero films have been dominating each year and a number of them keep breaking records. So there’s no doubt each of these films will make money. There’s a reason Wolverine has been getting solo films and its because he makes money for Fox. But given this will be Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the hero, it could potentially make much more than his previous solos. Now for the MCU, Guardians should make big money given the first film’s success (it broke the August opening record). It looks like it’ll have to beat The Avengers to break the opening record (something Civil War and X-Men couldn’t do this year). I think if they market this right, they could potentially break it and be one of the top grossing CB films of the year. For the first Spider-Man in the MCU (still part Sony), it’ll be a challenge for audiences to see yet ANOTHER new Spider-Man. BUT Spider-Man is arguably one of the most popular superheroes out there (up there with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman). And he makes money. So if Marvel/Sony market this correctly, they should see good money coming out of this. Will it break the final Harry Potter film’s record though? I’m not sure. For Thor (as well as JL) they’ll have to beat The Hunger Games Catching Fire’s big opening. The issue, though, is that compared to Iron Man or Captain America, Thor, even though he does bring in money, hasn’t done as well as the other trilogies. It’s the weaker of the 3 trilogies BUT with new characters being introduced and Hulk making an appearance, it has potential to do big. But Thor has exactly 2 weeks before Justice League is out. So it’ll be a battle to see if either of the two can break the opening record and who will make the most. Now Justice League is the first ever film based on DC’s first superhero team. DC has been making huge money with BvS and SS (despite negative reviews) and should make plenty of money out of their two films in 2017. But it comes to question if the past 2 films have left a bad taste in the audience’s mouths – DC will have to fight to prove their potential for greatness. Wonder Woman has Kingsman and Transformers to fight against in the month of June and the opening record held by Jurassic World. I don’t think either of these films will break it. But given Wonder Woman is the first of these current cinematic universes to give us a long-waited superheroine led film, and is one of the most anticipated films of the year, I think her film will do fine. And finally, Kingsman was a surprise hit for Fox and I think we’ll see a repeat of its success. The studio just needs to make sure they continue marketing its quirky style and the sequel could potentially do better than its predecessor. But out of all these films, who will take #1? I’m calling Guardians of the Galaxy, with Justice League and Spider-Man following. I’m hopeful Wonder Woman will surprise us but we’ll see.

Now for critical success, the MCU hasn’t had many misses, but Thor is arguably the weakest of the bunch. Previous Spider-Man films (with Garfield) weren’t critically as great as Maguire’s, so where will Holland’s end up? Hopefully it does well but it’s hard to tell at the moment. And as for Guardians, as long as James Gunn continues bringing what he did with the first film, it should be the best out of the 3 MCU films (minus the dance-off, please don’t do that again). As for Logan, his films have been average amongst critics. Now his previous film certainly did better than Origins, but it also needed improvements. Given this is Logan’s last solo (potentially, at least, with Jackman), we hope for a good ending. The first trailer seems like good potential but we’ll have to wait a few months to find out for sure. Kingsman did average amongst critics but great with fans, so as long as the sequel fixes the misses from the first film, we hope the sequel does better. And now for DC’s films. Critically, DC has been a huge miss for critics (and disappointing for some fans). Surprisingly, for many, Man of Steel still ranks as the better film for DC. Snyder will return again for the Justice League film with Chris Terrio’s script, so here’s to hoping that now they better know what they (and everyone else) want they fixed previous issues. So far the first footage from the film looks to be in a better direction than others, with a clear plot of 1) recruiting members for Bruce and Diana’s team; and 2) figure out and stop the threat Bruce senses is coming. I am betting that this film will be critically better than this years DC films (or at least I’m hoping). As for Wonder Woman, I think there’s potential she’ll turn the DC universe around and get it back on its feet. Box office-wise, they’ve been doing great for its first 3 films (especially when compared to others universes such as Marvel’s) it just hasn’t done well critically. After seeing trailers for her first ever solo, I think WW will end up being fine. Will it be the best comic book film of the year? I don’t know, but I am hoping so. So who do I think will take #1? Again, Guardians. Which means Guardians will take the W for the year. I’m hoping Wonder Woman will be up top as well but I think 2017’s CB films are the risky bunch (minus GotG) so we’ll have to wait and see what actually happens.

Now let’s get to the actual list of my top anticipated. Just to let you know, these are just my personal picks of what I’m looking forward to most. I would LOVE to see your rankings in the comments!


#7 – Logan

Despite this being Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine, I’ve grown tired of the character. This doesn’t mean I won’t see it, because I definitely will. It’s just not one of the top films compared to the rest. Now given its possibly the last Wolverine solo ever, I’m hoping we’ll see a good ending for him. Fingers crossed.

#6 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Okay, so I’ve never been a huge fan of Spider-Man. I think he’s completely overrated. Maguire’s version is my personal favorite (probably because I grew up with those films) so Holland and co have a lot to do to impress me. But I’m looking forward to a new rendition now that Spidey’s back in the MCU, which should hopefully shake things up. He seems to being doing alright based on his cameo from Civil War so here’s to hoping success for his film.

#5 – Thor: Ragnarok


I think the Thor franchise has one of the greatest potentials in the MCU but it just hasn’t been brought to life properly. I’m hoping that’ll change with Ragnarok because this genre/style of movies are my personal favorite. Let’s hope director Waititi brings something great!

#4 – Kingsman: The Golden Circle


When I first saw the trailers and advertisements for Kingsman, I knew I had to see the film. It’s so different, and quirky, and that’s something I like. I’m very much looking forward to the sequel and hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

#3 – Justice League

What? I put JL at 3? I’m surprised myself because I’m a huge Justice League/DC fan but I placed it here because of the past performances in the DC cinematic universe. I’m worried for this film. The first footage has given me hope for the film but it’s hard to judge at this moment what it’ll end up being. The cast looks great in their costumes, the newcomers look to be doing their roles justice, and the plot looks to be pointing towards a clear direction. Hopefully that comes through in the end and resurrect DC’s name.

#2 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

guardians of the galaxy

I’m a big fan of the first film, despite a few misses in the film (namely the dance-off and weak villain). But it’s one of my top favorites from the MCU and I’m excited to see what the gang has next for Vol. 2. So far, it looks great judging from the teaser and hopefully we’ll continue to learn more about what the Guardians face this time.

#1 – Wonder Woman


That’s right, the first female superhero led movie (ignoring Catwoman and Elektra) takes #1. I think WW has what it takes to bring DC back up on its feet. Everything from stills to official posters to the trailers has been breathtakingly beautiful. The cinematography, the action sequences, costumes and set; I’m excited to see director Patty Jenkin’s take on the heroine and for Gal’s further development as the Amazonian princess/warrior.


That’s it for my Looking Forward ’17 of Comic Book Films! Let me know in the comments how you would rank the new year’s CB films!


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