Fan-Cast: Gotham City Sirens Movie!

Now that it has been clarified what spin-off movie Margot Robbie is exec-producing, I think it’s time to do some fan-casting! To clarify, these picks are always a round up of not only my ideas but outside ideas from other fans as well. No other characters have been confirmed for the film other than Harley Quinn, but we can assume Catwoman and Poison Ivy will appear.


Batgirl Barbara Gordon

Allison W, Anna K, Ashley G, Courtney E, Daisy R, Emma S, Emma W, Haley B, Jane L, Lily J, Lucy B, Marie A, Mary EW, Naomi S, Olivia C, Riley K, Rose L, Shailene W, Sophie C, Willa F, Zoey D.

Barbara makes a small appearance in the GCS run, but as Oracle, not Batgirl. It is unknown whether we’ll see her in the DCEU and if we’ll see her first as Batgirl then later Oracle. We also don’t know how old/young they want Barbara to be cast. Looking at the Batfamily, she should be younger than Kate (if she shows up) but older than the rest of the females, at least in my opinion…


Black Mask

Alexander S, Clive O, Eric B, Jason S, Joaquin P, Jon H, Joseph F, Matthew G, Matthew M, Richard A, Rufus S, Timothy O, Viggo M, Wes B, Zachary Q.

It seems David Ayer is teasing a possible appearance of Black Mask in GCS, but this is not officially confirmed. Just in case, I’m leaving this fan-cast here.

*UPDATE – Mark Strong removed due to likely casting in Shazam!*

CATWOMAN (Selina Kyle)


Berenice M, Carla G, Charlize T, Diane K, Elsa P, Emily B, Eva G, Jordana B, Karla S, Kate B, Lena H, Olga K, Olivia W, Paula P, Sarah S.

Selina makes up the trio featured in the Gotham City Sirens run so it wouldn’t be surprising to see her being cast soon. What isn’t known, though, is how they plan to cast her. Clearly, whoever chosen has to be able to pull of Selina’s attitude. In my opinion, Selina should be closer to Ben Affleck’s age rather than Harley/Margot, and would serve as the wiser/”adult” of the trio. She should be, as Batfleck is, the seasoned/veteran character.

*UPDATE – major re-do of the FC to be more specific on age. I really think they should be searching for an older, seasoned Catwoman like Batfleck.

Milla Jovovich removed due to casting in Hellboy reboot.*

DICK GRAYSON (Nightwing/Batman)

dick grayson nightwing

Adam G, Armie H, Bob M, Brant D, Daniel R, Daniel S, Douglas B, Drew R, Dylan OB, Finn W, Garrett H, Kevin Z, Logan L, Penn B, Steven RM.

If the live-action movie plans to follow the comic run, Grayson does appear, although not as Nightwing. In the run, Bruce Wayne appears to be dead so Grayson picks up the Batman mantle in the mean time. I don’t know how this’ll work in this live-action attempt, and if they even plan to include Grayson (and other Robins). I’m assuming once the new year hits we’ll start hearing casting announcements soon if the rumor of a summer 2017 shoot is true. (Also, I wanted to throw in a thought – Armie Hammer is speculated for a DC role and I’m starting to wonder if he landed this role…He is the right age, 30, to be Dick in my opinion and with that rumor mill starting around the same time Affleck’s Batman movie is in pre-production and the announcement of GCS movie…)



Hush appears in GCS but disguises himself as Bruce Wayne. Not sure we’ll see this in the movie, only if it was set before BvS. Or they come up with something else…

MAGDALENE “Maggie” KYLE (Sister Zero)

Maggie has a pretty big arc in the story of Catwoman during the GCS run, so it could be possible that we see her in the film. Again, like each character and arc, I don’t know how heavily the film will actually base off of it.

POISON IVY (Pamela Isley)

Poison Ivy

Alexandra B, Amanda R, Blake L, Bryce DH, Carice VH, Eva G, Evan RW, Haley B, Holland R, Jane L, Lucy F, Mary EW, Natalie D, Olivia W, Riley K, Sarah G.

Poison Ivy rounds up the trio of GCS in the series run and would be only the second live-action appearance of the character (compared to Catwoman whose had a number). In my opinion, rather than going for the same age as Selina I actually think Pamela should be closer to Robbie’s age. Maybe slightly older but not by much. Hopefully, those Megan Fox rumors aren’t true, though…

*UPDATE – Jessica Chastain has been removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*

THE RIDDLER (Edward Nygma)

The Riddler Edward Nygma

Andrew S, Casey A, Domhnall G, Eddie R, Jay B, Jim P, Johnny D, Justin B, Martin W, Matthew G, Matthew GG, Neil PH.

Riddler is present in the GCS run so it wouldn’t be surprising if he joined the film. But, again, that is IF they plan to follow that run. Riddler’s been in business for awhile so I’d imagine he would be around Selina and Bruce’s age, maybe a little younger. There have been complaints/comparisons of Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Lex Luthor being too similar to what Riddler should be, so whoever they end up casting needs to be able to differentiate himself enough to rid the similarities.

*UPDATE* Iwan Rheon removed due to casting in Inhumans. Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*


Talia Al Ghul

Aiysha H, Berenice M, Camilla B, Freida P, Gemma A, Jordana B, Lynn C, Moran A, Noomi R, Olga K, Priyanka C, Tatiana M.

Talia makes a small appearance in GCS, thanks to the situation of Selina/Bruce, but I don’t know if she would show up in the movie. It’s rumored she won’t be appearing in the DCEU soon, but again, that’s just a rumor. In my opinion, Hollywood really needs to step up on the hiring of “older” actresses in movies and like Selina, I think Talia should be closer in age to Bruce/Ben.

*UPDATE – Odette Annable removed due to casting in Supergirl as Reign.*



Aiysha H, Alexandra D, Ana DA, Ania B, Astrid BF, Eiza G, Emilia C, Freida P, Gemma A, Karla S, Mary EW, Meghan O, Olivia W, Priyanka C, Rooney M.

Zatanna pops up here and there in the GCS run, mainly towards the end when she helps the Sirens against Talia. It would be smart, in my opinion, to introduce Zatanna here as Justice League Dark has a movie coming our way as well (recently finding a director in Doug Liman). It’s speculated and rumored that Eiza Gonzalez could be in JLD and now possibly GCS movies, so perhaps she is Zatanna. That is JUST speculation, nowhere near a confirmation.

*UPDATE – Serinda Swan removed due to casting in Inhumans.*


Gotham City Sirens

As of Sept. 16, 2017 – Emma Stone as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Finn Wittrock as Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman, Alexandra Breckenridge as Poison Ivy, Gemma arterton as Talia Al Ghul, Eiza Gonzalez as Zatanna, Jason Statham as Black Mask, Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler.


gotham city sirens

Jane Levy as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle, Finn Wittrock as Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Haley Bennett as Poison Ivy, Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman, Moran Atias as Talia Al Ghul, Andrew Scott as The Riddler, Rooney Mara as Zatanna.

Other characters featured in the series: Batman/Bruce, Holly Robinson, Boneblaster, Gaggy/Joker, Alissa Adams, Sister Agatha, Maggie Kyle, Azrael and Crusader, The Joker, Damian Wayne, James Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Shrike, Zatarra, Red Robin, Black Mask, Penguin


7 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Gotham City Sirens Movie!

  1. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl – Skyler Samuels, Victoria Justice
    Dick Grayson/Nightwing – Jack Reynor
    Selina Kyle/Catwoman – Nina Dobrev
    Edward Nygma/Riddler – Gabriel Mann

  2. I know he is not in the list, but I think Hugh Dancy is another great option for the riddle. He is most know for his role in Hannibal tv series as Will Graham. Hugh also was nominated for an emmy before. He is really a good actor and his age and facial features are perfect for the character.

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