David Ayer to direct Gotham City Sirens!

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Ayer will direct the Suicide Squad spin-off starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn!

It’s been long said that Robbie would be executive producing a female-villains and heroes centric movie, once assumed to be Birds of Prey. Now it has been confirmed to be Gotham City Sirens, a comic series that features Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. It is unconfirmed if the latter two will show up but given Ayer’s tweet, I would imagine so. It’s also unknown if Zatanna and Talia, who had small roles in the GCS comics, will show up as well. Now that Ayer is confirmed to direct with Robbie exec-producing, THR reports WB is fast-tracking the film. A writer for the screenplay has been set with Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who worked on the new Tomb Raider movie and was announced to write Sherlock Holmes 3. They also shared a Suicide Squad sequel is still being developed as well as a possible Deadshot solo film starring Will Smith.

Margot Robbie is the only confirmed cast member so far. No date has officially been set.

What story should the film follow? As the comic series? Add more? It would be interesting to see what antagonists the film would bring. Perhaps we could see the Birds of Prey pop-up? It would be awesome to see Harley, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman up against Black Canary, Batgirl, and Huntress. I would hope that they would try to somehow also include Katana, and perhaps more development on Harley’s and Joker’s (abusive) relationship. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “David Ayer to direct Gotham City Sirens!

  1. I’m hoping for a couple things out of Ayer this time:
    1)The studio don’t screw with his vision again
    2)He doesn’t paint Batfleck into a corner(btw, shouldn’t Batman get his movie before the Gotham City Sirens)
    3)He doesn’t get carried away with the “edgy” outfits
    4)More Katana
    5)Can we have Nightwing or the the Birds of Prey?

    • If Ayer came back again I’m going to assume that WB will be backing off like they should’ve in the first. Although GCS is getting fast tracked, I’m pretty sure Affleck’s film will come first since they already have a shoot date of Spring next year. It’d be nice if they brought back Katana but I’d rather see her go to a Birds of Prey movie.

      • Honestly, I’d rather this be a Birds of Prey v Gotham City Sirens movie instead of a Gotham City Sirens solo. And I hope the studio can stay away. That man made Fury and End of Watch, so I know he can make good movies.

      • That would be ideal! And perhaps BoP will attempt to return the Sirens back to prison or something..He really can. Let’s hope creative control is back in his hands. But with Geoff on board and some big switch ups in WB/DC dept, it may actually happen.

      • I hope so. That at least is a bit more palatable to me than a pure villain movie(since these ladies at complex or anything like Slade, they are evil to be evil)

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