Fan-Cast: Founders of Hogwarts

This is a big one I’ve been wanting to do for awhile…

I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan. It’s probably the first franchise that I got hooked to (yes, even before superhero/CB films). Although there are no books on the four founders of Hogwarts, it’s still a BIG opportunity for JK/Warner Brothers to make this prequel movie(s) to explain the history of the school so many have seen Harry Potter attend. There are other stories I’d like to see developed that has to do with the wizarding world (like the other wizarding schools out there) but this would be a smart move given that the audience would be familiar with Hogwarts and these 4 wizards and witches. Plus, we get to see the origins of many things at Hogwarts such as the creation of the sorting hat, the chamber of secrets/basilisk, the diadem, and that golden cup that was turned into a horcrux…

Here’s the tricky thing with this. I’m not sure the age of these characters and I’m not sure when exactly (and how old) they first met. I’m assuming that would be about when their stories/film would begin. I would assume they’re in their late 20s-early 30s…maybe older. But I don’t know (I’m sure only JK knows) the full history of these four. So I’m trying my best to base off what I’ve seen in previous HP films for this fan-cast, and as always, incorporate others ideas!

GODRIC GRYFFINDOR (House of Gryffindor)

The founder of Gryffindor house. A fair man, he believed that any child who displayed magical abilities before their 11th birthday should be able to attend Hogwarts. Godric valued courage and bravery, believing these were the two most virtuous abilities a person can possess. Corresponds to the element of fire.

Godric Gryffindor

Aaron TJ, Armie H, Chris H, Christian C, Craig P, Daniel S, Henry C, Joseph M, Liam H, Michiel H, Richard M, Sam C, Sam H, Santiago C, Taron E, William M.

It would be so interesting to see the interactions of Godric and Salazar when they were friends and to see that shape into history of Gryffindors and Slytherins dislike of each other.

SALAZAR SLYTHERIN (House of Slytherin)

The founder of Slytherin house. Sly and cunning, he was not unlike many of the students he brought into his house. He believed strongly that only wizards of pure blood (i.e., those with a mother and father from wizarding families) should be allowed to attend Hogwarts. Slytherin caused great dispute over this with the other founders, and it eventually caused a permanent rift with Gryffindor, which led to Slytherin’s departure from the school. Before he left, however, he created the Chamber of Secrets, complete with a huge statue of himself and a horrible monster. Corresponds to the element of water.

Salazar Slytherin

Andrew S, Ben B, Colin F, Colin OD, Ed H, Iwan R, Joe D, Jonathan RM, Luke E, Martin W, Matthew G, Nicholas H, Orlando B, Pedro P, Santiago C, Tom H.

With Salazar, like the rest, we see the origins of certain characteristics of Slytherin house. For example, the dislike towards muggle-borns and requirement of purebloods. The origin of Moaning Myrtle/the chamber of secrets and the basilisk, the rarity of Parseltongue.

ROWENA RAVENCLAW (House of Ravenclaw)

The founder of Ravenclaw house, she was a sharp and intelligent woman. Intellect is a highly valued asset to the students of Ravenclaw house. Due to this, it is likely that Rowena wanted to make Hogwarts the very finest Wizarding school on earth, teaching those children with the highest intelligence. Rowena also had a daughter, Helena, who later became the Grey Lady of Hogwarts as a ghost. Helena stole her mother’s diadem, and it became lost. It is well known that no one alive had seen it, however, in the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter finds the diadem and destroys the horcrux within it. Corresponds to the element of air.

Rowena Ravenclaw

Adelaide K, Alicia V, Astrid BF, Berenice M, Carice VH, Emilia C, Eva G, Famke J, Gemma A, Katie M, Keira K, Lena H, Marion C, Natalie D, Olga K, Rachel W.

Yet another Founder whose origins and history with Hogwarts would be so interesting to explore. It is said that she quite possibly named the school and found the location, as well as designed the constantly changing floors. Rowena also had a child at some point, Helena who we saw portrayed by Kelly MacDonald in Deathly Hallows Part 2, but I’m not sure of her inclusion in this story. (Perhaps her story, plus her mothers and possibly Baron, could come later)

HELGA HUFFLEPUFF (House of Hufflepuff)

The founder of Hufflepuff house; she was a kind and warm woman. The values a person must possess to be sorted into Hufflepuff house are those of loyalty, patience, and hard working above all else. It is also known that she brought the house-elves to Hogwarts. Corresponds to the element of earth.


Aiysha H, Alyssa S, Angel C, Anna P, Eleanor T, Emily B, Gugu MR, Hannah T, Holliday G, Imogen P, Jenna C, Juno T, Lily J, Natalie D, Rachel HW, Sophia M.

And here we can learn the history of the house-elves in Hogwarts. Even though we never actually saw them in the films (minus Dobby) which was quite disappointing.


founders of hogwarts

As of Jan. 19, 2017 – Chris Hemsworth for Godric Gryffindor, Katie McGrath for Rowena Ravenclaw, Natalie Dormer for Helga Hufflepuff, Tom Hiddleston for Salazar Slytherin.

For fun, let me know what Hogwarts house you’re in! According to Pottermore (to which I agree), I’m in Ravenclaw! And if you figured out your Ilvermorny sorting as well, let me know! I’m a Thunderbird! Keeping up with that bird theme!


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