Blog Update

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an update on here. I’ll keep this short – I’ve been trying to update all my fan-casts and create new ones, along with keeping up with news on movies and shows. But I wanted to let everyone know that things may slow down as in a month I’ll be in another country for a year. So if you request something, can’t guarantee I can do anything. I’ll be doing what I can but my usual activeness will be less than normal. Thanks for following, however, and hope you continue to do so!


9 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. i really like your posts and thanks for using my suggestions again , i put the acting ability and age in first nice trip but can you add the other titans like Red Rbin and Impulse in your titans blog for now ? please i am not bothering but before you travel can you add them on your titans blog ? please don’t delete my comment i am really soory if i pissed you or bothered you i am really a fan what are you doing and have a nice trip can we be friends i really like people who loves DC comics

  2. Have fun over seas, and I love this blog quite frankly. I’d almost be tempted to offer to keep this up fer ya, but I still have college and a job(and you’d probably decline my offer). Also, Supergirlfans2016, I love DC Comics

  3. i really like your potsts you see i just entred college i had my bac exam last months and i have successed i love japan , i am really interesed in your posts and i liked your howagrs founders fancast i would like to see if you can of course do a fancast of Darkest minds it is a really good book if you have time you have to read it of course then do a fancast for it there are a lot of fan suugestions in the internet also can you give me advise about the college ?

    • Thank you. For college, just make sure you are studying, don’t feel the need to follow what everyone else does (be yourself), and talk to professors or whoever if you feel you’re struggling or need extra help/clarification. College will always be a different experience for every individual so just make sure you are doing what makes you happy and helps your future.

      • thank you very much for the Advise i am actually from France and i am going also to Britain to study more i choose actually Medecine even if you haven’t read it you can read the character and understand them well or you read it i really want your tackle of it can you please do a fancast for the Darkest Minds ?

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