Quick Review: Star Trek Beyond

Bottom-Line: Another solid movie for Star Trek. Although not quite as good as its predecessors, the on-pace humor, action, and dialogue makes it entertaining to watch.

As its previous films, Star Trek certainly doesn’t disappoint on the humor and dialogue between characters. It was also refreshing to see the members be separated and work with who they had to survive and find the rest. Newcomer Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) is a great addition to the franchise, not only kicking ass but actually showing dimension and depth to her character (sometimes big blockbusters forget to add that and only focus on the ass-kicking). As for Idris Elba’s Krall, it was an interesting twist at the end but I felt this villain lacks compared to previous ones. Still a great performance on Elba’s part but it seems there needs to be further tweaks to his character. As for returning cast members, they were all great again. The highlights of the separation certainly went to Kirk/Chekov and Spock/Bones. But I also found myself enjoying the dynamic between Scotty and Jaylah’s character; hopefully we see more in a future film and Jaylah’s further development amongst the rest of the Enterprise. Apart from the characters/actors, I wanted to note the costumes and CG of the film. Although some sequences were a bit blurry and hurt my head a bit, it was fine for a film that so heavily relies on CG. As for the costumes, I really liked the practical effects on characters (such as Jaylah) instead of CG; I thought they looked great. As for the final act of the film, it seemed a bit of a rehash of previous films with everyone helping Kirk save the day. Sure, he puts himself to it but it’d be refreshing to change it up. As for the small send-offs to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin, I applaud the filmmakers for it. It was small but perfect tributes to the actors.

Overall, I continue to enjoy and anticipate future Star Trek films. If entertainment is what you seek this summer, Star Trek is here for you with blockbuster action sequences, humor, and loud music.

Current Reviews:

IMDb: 7.5/10 (users)

Metacritic: 68%

Rotten Tomatoes: 83% (critics) 84% (users)

Critics Consensus: Star Trek Beyond continues the franchise’s post-reboot hot streak with an epic sci-fi adventure that honors the series’ sci-fi roots without skimping on the blockbuster action.

Mine: 7/10



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