A Talk About Movies + Critics

It’s absolutely no secret that critics are there to review movies. That’s their jobs. Sure you can base judgement for what they have to say on upcoming movies to see if it’s worth the money but in my opinion, seeing movies for yourself to gather your own judgment is more ideal. I believe biases affect everyone’s opinions on movies, which is why I refuse to base whether I see a movie or not from what critics have to say. Sometimes I find myself questioning how they got the job from previous movies I’ve seen that were great and they rated negatively and vice versa. What is important is this – movies are created for the audiences’ entertainment. They’re made because fans asked for it or someone has a story they want to tell. Maybe your form/definition of entertainment takes different forms from critics/other people see/want, and that’s okay. Watch the movie you want to, form your own opinion, whatever. Because at the end of the day, we’re all watching a film and  we all have our own opinions to share. Whether one person likes/dislikes a movie that differs from you, it shouldn’t matter or “deeply effect” either of you because your own opinion should matter to only yourself. Stop with the flame wars against fans/viewers of particular movies that you disliked or to critics who review negatively of movies you liked. Movies are here to enjoy, not spread hate and discontent.


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