Quick Review: Central Intelligence

Bottom-Line: Full of heart and muscles, Central Intelligence is full of laughs from start to finish with a surprisingly more complex storyline than trailers advertise.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this film other than some fun. Personally, I like both Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart so I couldn’t wait to see the dynamics between them. I had only really seen the trailers for the film and a couple BTS videos from the two lead actors, nothing else, so going in to the movie I came out not expecting a lot of what happened in the film. Which is good, in my opinion, it kept me on my toes! I didn’t realize how much of a complex plot it would have (some comedy/action films simply fail this component) but CI is surprisingly full of it. Although the acting and script could be tweaked because at points it does come across as cheesy, I enjoyed the take they went with for Robbie/Bob. (I also realized that Dwayne could’ve pulled off Shazam if he hadn’t picked Black Adam) The guy is straight up different from “normal” people and I love it. When Calvin (Hart’s character) was trying to figure out (along with the CIA) who the Black Badger was, I liked the fact that even I couldn’t figure that out because Robbie was THAT weird. Robbie was so off that he could either be telling the truth or be a total psycho and I thought the film played that well. As for Hart’s Calvin, he was as I expected (unlike Bob) and pretty funny. A couple of points he needed to chill with the talking/yelling but otherwise I enjoyed his character and how he interacted with Bob (minus shooting him in the leg). What’s also fun are the cameos in the film. Not only is Aaron Paul revealed as Bob’s former partner (and the film’s antagonist), Jason Bateman shows up as Bob’s former high school bully and Melissa McCarthy his high school crush with the two lazy-eyes. I could go into a lot more but these reviews are meant to be short and a quick fill-in of what I wanted to point out.

Basically, the film is fun and action-packed. It isn’t the best (comedy/action) movie out there but it definitely delivers on the fun and if you’re looking for a good time to just escape reality for a bit, go see it!

Current Ratings:

IMDb: 7/10 (users)

Metacritic: 52% (critics)

Rotten Tomatoes: 65% (critics) 72% (users)

Critics Consensus: Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make for well-matched comic foils, helping Central Intelligenceovercome a script that coasts on their considerable chemistry.

Mine: 7/10


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