Quick Review: Captain America Civil War

Bottom line: A better trilogy than Iron Man’s and better film than Age of Ultron, but falls short to The Winter Soldier.

Apologies it took me awhile to see Civil War; May was a very busy month for me! I’m still behind with 2 other May releases and there are still so many summer films left to see!

Again, with my reviews, they are NOT professional by any means and are purely my opinion. I love to hear other’s thoughts on the film! Civil thoughts/engagement are appreciated; there seems to be little nowadays (mostly among the “fanboys/girls” as some call them).

I have to admit I felt that the first half of the film was slow. I felt some elements could’ve been incorporated in Age of Ultron (and even hinted in Winter Soldier) – particularly the Avengers’ collateral damage around the world. The government has obviously collected this evidence for awhile, and maybe I’m just nit-picky, but you’d think they would’ve said something in previous films . I also think some scenes could’ve been cut and combined into other scenes to shorten the film (I think it was a bit too long) but I’ll have to watch it again to point out which scenes exactly. (Apologies, I saw this a couple of days ago and already am forgetting things.) Things started to pick up though once Tony and Steve were both like “yo, we need some back-up in case we gotta fight.” I really have to praise the scene with Tony and Peter Parker – the chemistry there was great and surprisingly I like Tom Holland as Spidey. I think this is quite promising for that upcoming Spider-Man film (in which RDJ was confirmed to be in). Another chemistry I’d like to point out is Wanda and Vision. If you know the comics, they’ve actually been together. Age of Ultron put a nice easter egg of this and in Civil War, it’s a nice “relief” in the film. The two, I think, are undeniably caring of each other (we’ll see if it actually develops into a relationship) and when Wanda puts Vision down through several floors, you can’t help but feel their pain. The actors’ chemistry is great and have made Scarlet Witch and Vision a couple of my favorite characters in the MCU.


As for Steve and Bucky, I can’t not talk about them right? I don’t know why, but their relationship is frustrating for me because I can’t figure out what I like and don’t like. In First Avenger I loved their friendship and to see it develop to what it has from Winter Soldier to Civil War, it’s interesting to watch. What I think was frustrating was that this is Captain America – all American hero who decides to side with his friend and walk the line of vigilante. I’ll probably have to watch this again to really give an opinion on Cap’s decision…


As for that “big” airport battle – what in the world. I honestly don’t know if I like the setting. Understandably, Cap needed to fly out, but it’s still a weird setting. There were some points where I thought the joking/humor the teams engaged in a couple points was just unnecessary. The highlights of any of it were definitely Spider-Man and Ant-Man (I had only watched Ant-Man about a week ago, oops). Appropriately, Spider-Man’s charisma was great and I think fitted (given his age compared to the others, he’s a bit of the odd-one-out). His loyalty to Iron Man (or just his loyal characteristic in general) I think we’ll see later challenged in his own films…


Now to the final act of the film, the villain no one knew was there. What Zemo reminded me of, however, was Eisenberg’s Luthor in Batman v Superman. Why? They’re both putting two opposing ideologies against each other – popping the bubble and forcing conflict. I think, however, Zemo could’ve been better implemented because I don’t think the general audience (those who don’t read comics) completely understand who the hell this guy is. Another reason to re-watch!


Now for Black Panther, I can’t wait to see his solo and where he’ll go from Civil War. I surprisingly really enjoyed his character – I think it was a refreshing move in the MCU to introduce him now. I’m also quite curious with Bucky being frozen again and placed in Wakanda (which looks great by the way), if we’ll see the two interact at all.


One last thing I wanted to point out for the film was the fight choreography – it was great and I loved Winter Soldier’s choreography and wasn’t sure if Civil War could step it up (but they did). It didn’t seem like anyone was overpowered or underpowered, I think the Russos (plus their choreographers) really showed the actual abilities of the heroes (and villains) of the film greatly.

Current Ratings:

Mine: 7.5/10

IMDb: 8.3/10 (users)

Metacritic: 75% (critics)

Rotten Tomatoes: 90% (critics) 91% (users)

Critics consensus: Captain America: Civil War begins the next wave of Marvel movies with an action-packed superhero blockbuster boasting a decidedly non-cartoonish plot and the courage to explore thought-provoking themes.


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