Fan-Cast: Man of Steel sequel

WB is looking to bring us a Man of Steel sequel, but are taking their time to find the right story and director. Last reports said that Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman) was discussing with the studio of potential ideas.

Man of steel

Superman – Henry Cavill, Lois Lane – Amy Adams, Perry White – Laurence Fishburne, Jimmy Olsen – Michael Cassidy (deceased), General Swanwick – Harry Lennix, Carrie Ferris – Christina Wren, Lara Lor-Van – Ayelet Zurer (deceased), Jor-El – Russell Crowe (deceased), Jonathan Kent – Kevin Costner (deceased), Martha Kent – Diane Lane, General Zod – Michael Shannon (deceased), Faora-Ul – Antje Traue (Phantom Zone), Doomsday (deceased), Lex Luthor – Jesse Eisenberg, Senator June Finch – Holly Hunter (deceased).



Essentially, Bizarro should just be Henry Cavill all…Bizarro-ed. Haha. I mean, that is what Bizarro is in the comics. Smallville did the same with Tom Welling playing the character. Why not Cavill? So I’m going to skip this fan-casting…


Let’s see if Luthor will turn out to be harboring Brainiac or not…If not, let’s fan-cast!


Alexander S, Arnold V, Billy Z, Damian L, Eric B, Jason I, Jesse E’s Lex Luthor, Joaquin P, Keanu R, Luke G, Matthew G, Ralph F.

Oh man, how I would’ve loved to see Benedict Cumberbatch in the role. But, he is Doctor Strange. No way for him to jump universes like a few actors have been able to. I included, as usual, some actors I thought would work and others’ picks. It’s a bit hard to fan-cast Brainiac but hopefully WB/DC does something cool with the character.

*UPDATE – Mark Strong removed due to likely casting in Shazam! Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*



LIVEWIRE (Leslie Willis)


Abbey L, Ashley G, Charlotte S, Emily B, Emma W, Juno T, Keira K, Leven R, Maddie H, Ruby R, Suki W, Teresa P.

I believe Livewire’s first and only live-action appearance so far was on CBS’ Supergirl as one of her adversaries. It makes curious if we’ll even see the character any time soon, then, in the movie universe (especially when there are other villains that could be introduced first).

*UPDATE – Skyler Samuels removed due to casting in The Gifted.*

LUCY LANE (Superwoman?)

Lucy Lane

Alison B, Allison W, Amanda R, Anna K, Briana E, Dianna A, Elizabeth L, Emma W, Haley B, Isla F, Lily J, Maika M, Marie A, Olivia C, Riley K.

I figure we may see Lois’ sibling at some point…If the DCEU is acknowledging she has a sibling. I would hope so. Anyways, fan-casting Lucy was difficult because A) could not find any fan suggestions B) looking for actresses who could pull off looking like Lois’ sister, and C) age-range since I don’t know exactly what WB would look for. I also don’t know if they will bring about one version of Lucy where she is also Superwoman. It may be confusing to have her and Supergirl so for now…

*Brie Larson removed due to casting as Captain Marvel.*



Abbie C, Alexandra B, Amanda R, Gaia W, Imogen P, Mary EW, Priyanka C, Rachel N, Rebecca F, Riley K, Rosamund P, Shelley H, Stephanie C, Tamsin E, Taylor C.

I don’t know the probability we’ll see Maxima but DC/WB could have her team up, perhaps, with another villain to fight against Superman and Supergirl.

*UPDATE – Jessica Chastain removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*







Alexander L, Ansel E, Asa B, Connor J, Dylan S, Josh H, Liam H, Liam J, Logan L, Matthew D, Steven RM, Taron E.

We’ll probably see Supergirl first before we Superboy, but just in case why not fan-cast him? I’m sure I’m missing some actors so let me know if I did. I just wanted to point out the addition of Dylan Sprayberry who actually played young Clark Kent in Man of Steel. He’s about (or will be) the right age for Connor in my opinion and it’d be funny to see him come back for the role!



Alexandra D, Astrid BF, Ana DA, Claire H, Daisy R, Elle F, Emily B, Emma W, Haley B, Lily J, Lucy F, Nicola P, Odeya R, Saoirse R, Sophie C.

Whether or not this part of Man of Steel was an Easter Egg to Supergirl…


…I really hope we get to see the character. I was disappointed they didn’t try to use the CBS show to connect to the movie universe…But I guess now we get two Supergirl’s like we get two Flash’s. There was a prequel comic to MoS involving Supergirl on Krypton…but how she would end up on Earth is a bit of a mystery. There are a number of theories out there…And they could use the same as the TV show and comics has where she went off course for awhile…

I tried to include an age range of at least 20 to 30 years old, a couple outside that range, however. But it just really depends on what story line they choose to bring in Kara. What we do need, however, is someone who can act tough and may be a bit in over her head at times. And of course, the actress needs to be able to act and have chemistry with Superman, Henry Cavill. Let me know who you would pick or who I am missing from the fan-cast!

*UPDATE – Skyler Samuels removed due to casting in The Gifted.*


My top-picks:


Luke Goss as Brainiac, Leven Rambin as Livewire, Alison Brie as Lucy Lane, Dylan Sprayberry as Superboy, Daisy Ridley as Supergirl.


8 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Man of Steel sequel

  1. I loved all your choices! For superboy I wouldn’t have chosen Dylan Sprayberry, considering he played young Clark. I would have chosen Alexander Ludwig and Matthew Daddario, though he is supposed to be a clone…. Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that one. For the pic a the top of the page is that Daisy Ridley with long, blonde hair?

    Thanks again!!

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