Fan-Cast: Other Suicide Squad Members! (Sequel)

Warner Brothers is looking to shoot the sequel this year and has brought in a new director, David O’Connor (The Accountant), to direct it. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto are rumored to be returning but we’ll have to wait a bit before that’s confirmed. It was also rumored Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam would be the villain of the film but I’m hoping that’s not true…




*UPDATE – Yahya Abdul Manteen is confirmed to be Black Manta!

Included in the fan-cast was Andre Holland, Boris Kodjoe, David Oyelowo, DB Woodside, Denzel Washington, Isaiah Washington, Lance Gross, Michael Jai White, Michael K Williams, Omari Hardwick, Peter Mensah, Ricky Whittle, Roger Cross, Taye Diggs, Trai Byers – with Michael K Williams at number one.

BLACK ORCHID (Susan Linden)

Black Orchid

Abbey L, Alexandra D, Anna C, Astrid BF, Berenice M, Charlize T, Gaia W, Irina S, Lucy F, Olivia W, Rosie HW, Tamsin E.

I’ve already done a Black Orchid fan-cast for Justice League Dark but that version was Alba Garcia. This is Susan who has had ties with SS.






Bronze Tiger

Boris K, Charles MD, David O, Dayo O, Jason G, John B, Lance G, Michael E, Omari H, Robert R, Taye D, Tobias T.

I was kind of surprised to see Bronze Tiger not in the first lineup for squad but perhaps we can look forward to him in the sequel!

CAPTAIN COLD (Leonard Snart)

Captain Cold

Alexander S, Andrew L, Cam G, Charlie H, Clive S, Jamie B, Joseph M, Kellan L, Michael CH, Mike V, Paul W, Sam W.

Like some on this fan-cast, Cold comes from another fan-cast post (The Flash solo film). And like any fan-cast, these ideas are both my own and others’ ideas.

*UPDATE – Alan Ritchson removed due to casting as Hawk in Titans.*


*UPDATE! Patty Jenkins confirmed Kristen Wiig for the role of Cheetah in the sequel.

The poll included Alicia Vikander, Camilla Belle, Charlize Theron, Dominique Tipper, Evan Rachel Wood, Gemma Arterton, Gugue Mbatha-Raw, Jana Kramer, Kate Beckinsale, Lynn Collins, Meagan Tandy, Missy Peregrym, Moran Atias, Natalie Dormer, Olivia Wilde, Paula Patton, Rhona Mitra, Roselyn Sanchez – with Olivia at #1.



DEATHSTROKE (Slade Wilson)

UPDATE – Joe Manganiello has officially been cast as Deathstroke!

DUELA DENT (Joker’s Daughter)

Duela Dent

Allison W, Anna K, Daveigh C, Emilia C, Haley B, Jane L, Maddie H, Maika M, Natalie D, Nicola P, Ruby R, Taissa F.

I don’t know if we’ll ever see Duela (at least so soon) in the DC universe. But just in case, why not fan-cast her?

*UPDATE – Skyler Samuels removed due to casting in The Gifted.*

KILLER FROST (Louise Lincoln)

Killer Frost Louise

Abbey L, Gaia W, Haley B, Imogen P, Katheryn W, Lucy F, Malin A, Natalie D, Olivia W, Rosie HW, Tamsin E, Yvonne S.

If you watch the CW’s The Flash, you’d know that there is a version of Killer Frost whose alter ego is Caitlin Snow. There are, however, other versions of the villain. The one who has had associations with the skwad is Louise. So this fan-cast, obviously, is of her version.

*UPDATE – Michelle Williams removed due to casting in Venom.*



LIVEWIRE (Leslie Willis)


Abbey L, Ashley G, Charlotte S, Emily B, Emma W, Juno T, Keira K, Leven R, Maddie H, Ruby R, Suki W, Teresa P.

I believe the only live-action we’ve seen of Livewire is on the CBS show, Supergirl. Her story is a bit different on there, however. It was rumored Livewire is one of the inmates of Belle Reve in the SS movie. I guess we’ll find out eventually if that’s true or not! Just in case, though, let’s fan-cast her. (I’ll eventually make a MoS sequel fan-cast where she will be added as well)

*UPDATE – Jessica Stroup removed due to casting in Iron Fist. Skyler Samuels removed due to casting in The Gifted.*







Alexandra D, Amanda W, Anna C, Arden C, Astrid BF, Bingbing L, Gemma A, Jessika V, Julia V, Rooney M, Shay M, Yifei L.

Nightshade was a bit difficult to fan-cast but here she is! Let me know who you would pick or comment if I missed someone!

*UPDATE – Crystal Reed removed due to casting in Gotham.*



PLASTIQUE (Bette Sans Souci)


Alexandra D, Alexis K, Amanda R, Anna K, Ashley G, Briana E, Eleanour T, Haley B, Holland R, Jane L, Olivia W, Rebecca B.

It was rumored Plastique is one of the villains locked up in Belle Reve. Who knows if that’s true at all, so I decided to go on with this fan-cast.

POISON IVY (Pamela Isley)

Poison Ivy

Alexandra B, Amanda R, Blake L, Bryce DH, Carice VH, Eva G, Evan RW, Haley B, Holland R, Jane L, Lucy F, Mary EW, Natalie D, Olivia W, Riley K, Sarah G.

Using the same fan-cast from the Batman solo film, here’s some ideas from fans and my own of who could play her!

*UPDATE – Jessica Chastain has been removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*



SILVER SWAN (Valerie Beaudry)

Silver Swan Valerie

Abbey L, AnnaLynne M, Candice A, Claire H, Dianna A, Gaia W, Haley B, Imogen P, Lucy B, Maggie G, Suki W, Tamsin E.

I already have a Silver Swan fan-cast in the Wonder Woman solo film post but that one was general to all SS, this one is specific to the one who’s been an actual member of skwad. It’s possible they’ll change her in the DC cinematic universe by having only one Swan, combining the 3 into one. We’ll see, I guess!

*UPDATE – Serinda Swan removed due to casting in Inhumans.*

VIXEN (Mari McCabe)


Dominique T, Freema A, Gugu MR, Kat G, Kerry W, Kylie B, Logan B, Lyndie G, Meagan T, Melanie L, Nathalie E, Nicole B, Samira W, Sonequa MG, Teyonah P, Yaya D.

Again, making my life easier by using the same fan-cast from the JL and Birds of Prey posts…Vixen has arguably been more well-known for being a part of Justice League rather than the skwad but it has happened in the comics.

*UPDATE – Lupita N’yongo removed due to casting in Black Panther. Maisie Richardson-Sellers removed due to casting as Vixen in Legends of Tomorrow.*



As of Jan 11, 2017 – Michael K Williams for Black Manta, Abbey Lee for Black Orchid, Boris Kodjoe for Bronze Tiger, Andrew Lincoln for Captain Cold, Olivia Wilde for Cheetah, Ruby Rose for Duela Dent, Natalie Dormer for Killer Frost, Ruby Rose for Livewire, Alexandra Daddario for Nightshade, Alexandra Daddario for Plastique, Jessica Chastain for Poison Ivy, Abbey Lee for Silver Swan, Kat Graham for Vixen.

My top-picks:

suicide squad

Abbey Lee as Black Orchid, Omari Hardwick as Bronze Tiger, Andrew Lincoln as Captain Cold, Rhona Mitra as Cheetah, Daveigh Chase as Duela Dent, Natalie Dormer as Killer Frost, Leven Rambin as Livewire, Jessika Van as Nightshade, Rebecca Breeds as Plastique, Haley Bennett as Poison Ivy, Imogen Poots as Silver Swan, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Vixen.


19 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Other Suicide Squad Members! (Sequel)

  1. for joker daughter i request
    sasha pietrese
    kiernan shipka
    nicola peltz
    maddie hasson
    peyton list
    annasophia robb
    stefanie scott
    taissa faigma
    skyler samuals
    abigail breslin

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