Fan-Cast: Justice League Villains!

We all know we’re getting a Justice League movie, actually, TWO Justice League movies. What isn’t entirely known is the roster and who the villain(s) of the movies are. So the list I’ve come up with are who I think (along with others’ ideas) are possible villains for one or both of the movies and who I/others think could play them.

Let me know if I’m missing a villain/actor!

So there are some possible villains for JL Part 1/2. A few of these though may be too big and should probably be saved for later JL movies (if there are more) like Anti-Monitor and Darkseid. An Injustice League may be too soon (and I won’t be fan-casting that, too many to do so!) and so might the Crime Syndicate of America. Amazo/Android could be likely and I could see Lex Luthor having a part in that… Brainiac has long been rumored for the JL movies and I think he’d be a great villain for the JL to fight. However, would he appear in Part 1 or 2? (Maybe both?) Then there’s Despero and Vandal Savage, both villains I could see working somehow…And as for the White Martians, I think it’d be a cool way to bring in the Martian Manhunter by his paler relatives invading Earth or something. Lastly, there’s an interesting rumor to the possible villain(s) of the JL films. We would see Grail and possibly the Furies be the villains of Part 1 and Part 2 Grail would be joined by Darkseid. These are more fan theories than anything. Anyways, there’s a better, in-depth reason for some of these villains by Screen Rant so check their article out to see why certain villains could work.



We’ve been seeing hints of Darkseid from Batman v Superman. This doesn’t necessarily mean he will be an immediate villain in Justice League, but it means he exists in the universe.


To fan-cast Darkseid is difficult because one of the most notable aspects of this character is his voice. I’d imagine that whoever is cast will do mo-cap, so physicality isn’t totally necessary…


Charles D, Clive O, Denzel W, Jason I, Jeff B, Kevin G, Mark S, Ray S, Richard A, Ron P, Sean B, Ving R.

I hope whoever they end up casting is intimidating, that his voice sends chills down your spine. It is possible for actors to deepen and expand their voice to fit what’s needed for Darkseid, but I went with actors who I’ve seen fan-cast for the role.



Alicia V, Anna C, Berenice M, Daisy R, Gaia W, Monique G, Olga K, Olivia T, Olivia W, Rachel N, Rhona M, Rooney M, Rosamund P, Tamsin E, Yuliya.

Grail is Darkseid’s daughter. Again, there are some rumors/theories we could see her in JL Part 1, along with possibly the Furies from Apokolips. It may be too early but we really don’t know the plans for the JL films. This fan-cast incorporates mine and other’s picks. Let me know who you would choose or comment if I missed someone!

(Female) FURIES

You were bred to be the finest warriors on Apokolips. The elite guard who stand ready to serve the almighty Darkseid!

In my opinion, I think it’d be cool if Darkseid sent the Furies along with Grail to take down the League should Steppenwolf fail. But I’m not sure what exactly we’ll see happen.



Mad Harriet


Big Barda

big barda

Abbey L, Adrianne P, Alyssa S, Berenice M, Charlize T, Famke J, Gaia W, Gwendoline C, Jodi LO, Katherine W, Milla J, Monique G, Olga K, Rachel N, Tamsin E, Taylor C.

I think it’d be interesting if we saw Barda in her days of training the Furies. Then, perhaps, we see her betray them and Darkseid and fight against them. Big Barda is a very tall woman (hence the name) so finding tall actresses is a bit difficult. My guess is they’ll have to do some effects to make her taller. Let me know who you would pick or comment if I missed someone!

*Elizabeth Debicki has been removed due to her casting in GOTG Vol. 2.*

Granny Goodness

Kanto (Iluthin)


UPDATE – Ciaran Hinds will play Steppenwolf in the upcoming Justice League movie!





Alexander S, Arnold V, Billy C, Billy Z, Brian AG, Clive O, Damian L, Eric B, Jason I, Jesse E (Lex Luthor), Jude L, Keanu R, Luke G, Mark S, Matthew G, Ralph F.

I thought what the Justice League animated series did with Brainiac was great. But there’s no official word that’ll happen, and if DCEU Lex Luthor indeed has Brainiac in him like the animated version. They’ll probably steer clear of that version, particularly because it seems this Luthor had his mind warped/communicated by Darkseid/Steppenwolf. I hope whenever we see Braniac, whether in a Man of Steel sequel or a Justice League movie, they do something unique with him. If there’s one thing the MCU lacks its a good villain, and DC so far in my opinion performs better at that.






vandal savage

Aidan T, Aleks P, Alexander S, Christian B, Diego L, Gerald B, Jason I, Javier B, Johnny D, Jon H, Luke E, Oded F, Richard A, Rufus S, Said T, Viggo M.

The CW has introduced Vandal Savage as a villain in the DC super hero team show, Legends of Tomorrow, in its first season. I tried to vary on choices (and include other fans’ picks) and I also included Said whose role in Wonder Woman is unknown. He may just be a fellow soldier, however. Let me know who you would pick or let me know in the comments if I missed someone!

*UPDATE – Billy Crudup removed due to possible casting in The Flash. Joe Manganiello removed due to casting as Deathstroke in DCEU.*

Honorable (or maybe not so honorable) mentions: Starro, Prometheus, Bizzaro, Maxwell Lord, Major Force, Felix Faust. I’m not sure when (and if) we’ll see these characters in the JL films.


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