Fan-Cast: Justice League Villains!

The first Justice League is out and featured villain Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons. But what’s next for the League? After all, a sequel is coming…

Now that DC has gone down the road of Apokolips, it makes sense to fan-cast the villains in that area. Will we see them in a sequel? Not entirely sure. Particularly after a certain tease we got in the film…

In my opinion, I’d like to see the League take on Big Barda and the Furies as a second-parter of Darkseid’s invasion, rounding that trilogy with Darkseid and Grail. Grail could possibly show up in the second part towards the end as a surprise or something.



We’ve been seeing hints of Darkseid from Batman v Superman. This doesn’t necessarily mean he will be an immediate villain in Justice League, but it means he exists in the universe.


To fan-cast Darkseid is difficult because one of the most notable aspects of this character is his voice. I’d imagine that whoever is cast will do mo-cap, so physicality isn’t totally necessary…


Andre B, Charles D, Clive O, Denzel W, Jason I, Jeff B, Kevin G, Ray S, Richard A, Ron P, Sean B, Ving R.

I hope whoever they end up casting is intimidating, that his voice sends chills down your spine. It is possible for actors to deepen and expand their voice to fit what’s needed for Darkseid, but I went with actors who I’ve seen fan-cast for the role.

*UPDATE – Mark Strong removed due to likely casting in Shazam!*



Alicia V, Anna C, Berenice M, Daisy R, Gaia W, Monique G, Olga K, Olivia T, Olivia W, Rachel N, Rhona M, Rooney M, Rosamund P, Tamsin E, Yuliya.

Grail is Darkseid’s daughter. It may be too early to fan-cast but we really don’t know the plans for future films. This fan-cast incorporates mine and other’s picks. Let me know who you would choose or comment if I missed someone!

(Female) FURIES

You were bred to be the finest warriors on Apokolips. The elite guard who stand ready to serve the almighty Darkseid!

In my opinion, I think it’d be cool if Darkseid sent the Furies along with Grail or Big Barda to take down the League when Steppenwolf fails. But I’m not sure what exactly we’ll see happen…

Artemiz, Bernadeth, Bloody Mary, Gilotina, Knockout, Lashina, Mad Harriet, Malice Vundabar, Speed Queen, Stompa, Wunda

Whatever lineup they go with for the Furies, my guess is that casting will go unknown. So I won’t bother fan-casting them…

Big Barda

Big Barda

Abbey L, Adrianne P, Alyssa S, Berenice M, Charlize T, Famke J, Gaia W, Gwendoline C, Jodi LO, Katherine W, Monique G, Olga K, Rachel N, Tamsin E, Taylor C.

I think it’d be interesting if we saw Barda in her days of training the Furies. Then, perhaps, we see her betray them and Darkseid and fight against them. Big Barda is a very tall woman (hence the name) so finding tall actresses is a bit difficult. My guess is they’ll have to do some effects to make her taller. Let me know who you would pick or comment if I missed someone!

*UPDATE – Elizabeth Debicki removed due to casting in GOTG Vol. 2.*

Granny Goodness


Kanto (Iluthin)



UPDATE – Ciaran Hinds is Steppenwolf in the upcoming Justice League movie!


This is a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t seen the Justice League movie…But we get a nice tease of Luthor and Deathstroke forming a “League of their own…” So this could mean we’ll see an Injustice League (as villains for the JL sequel?) or perhaps Legion of Doom.

Deathstroke and Lex Luthor have already been cast with Joe Manganiello and Jesse Eisenberg in the roles. I don’t know which storyline WB/DC plans to go with this, but perhaps towards the New 52 version as many other storylines have gone. If so, then we also already have Black Adam and Black Manta cast with Dwayne Johnson and Yahya Abdul Mateen II…But I can see possible changes in who will form the team (for example, maybe they’ll pull some Suicide Squad members or the Joker). Anyways.

*side note – wouldn’t it be cool if they figured out some way to bring Faora (MoS) back from the Phantom Zone and have her join this team?*


Bizarro is evil Superman…Don’t know how many times DC would do this…But anyways, I’d guess Henry Cavill would do some work with this and they’d get a body double but we’ll see. In my opinion, I think DC should hold off on evil Supes as I think the audience has had enough seeing evil creations coming from Superman in the films…

Captain Cold

Captain Cold

Alexander S, Andrew L, Cam G, Charlie H, Clive S, Jamie B, Joseph M, Kellan L, Michael CH, Mike V, Paul W, Sam W.

Captain Cold hasn’t debuted in the film universe yet, but perhaps we could see him in The Flash solo first, (but I don’t know if we will if they do indeed do Flashpoint). But, as he is in the roster, I’ve included him in the fan-cast.



Berenice M, Carla G, Charlize T, Diane K, Elsa P, Emily B, Eva G, Jordana B, Karla S, Kate B, Lena H, Olga K, Olivia W, Paula P, Sarah S.

Batman’s been working for awhile now so Catwoman should be around, right? With Gotham City Sirens also getting a film, perhaps we’ll hear a Catwoman announcement soon…But I am curious if they will even include Selina in the Injustice League…Perhaps she’ll be swapped out for Cheetah or other villain.



Alicia V, Camilla B, Charlize T, Dominique T, Evan RW, Gemma A, Gugu MR, Jana K, Kate B, Lynn C, Meagan T, Missy P, Moran A, Natalie D, Olivia W, Paula P, Rhona M, Roselyn S.

If WW2 introduces Cheetah, perhaps she could be the other member to fill out Luthor’s team. It’d be smart, I think, to pull a villain from each hero’s “universe.”



Abbey, Abbie, Alexandra, Alexis, Alyssa, Amanda, Bryce, Gaia, Rachel, Riley, Tamsin, Taylor.

Giganta has yet to debut in the film universe and I don’t know when she will. There’s a chance for her to appear in Wonder Woman 2 but we’ll have to wait and see where she pops up.

The Riddler

The Riddler Edward Nygma

Andrew S, Casey A, Domhnall G, Eddie R, Jay B, Jim P, Johnny D, Justin B, Martin W, Matthew G, Matthew GG, Neil PH.

The Riddle had a little easter egg in BvS so it’s likely he’s around. So why not have him join the villains?



Aidan T, Colin F, Eric B, Harry L, Jason I, Jonathan RM, Jon H, Luke E, Oded F, Pedro P, Ralph F, Richard A, Viggo M, Wes B, Zachary Q.

Green Lantern Corps is being made but won’t be out until 2020. Unless the Justice League sequel is delayed, I don’t think we’ll see Sinestro join this lineup. He’ll probably be replaced with other established villains. But in any case…




Alexander S, Arnold V, Billy Z, Damian L, Eric B, Jason I, Jesse E’s Lex Luthor, Joaquin P, Keanu R, Luke G, Matthew G, Ralph F.

I thought what the Justice League animated series did with Brainiac was great, but I don’t know if WB/DC will go down that route. Particularly because it seems this Luthor had his mind warped/communicated by Darkseid/Steppenwolf instead. I hope whenever we see Braniac, whether in a Man of Steel sequel or a Justice League movie, they do something unique with him. If there’s one thing the MCU lacks its a good villain, and DC so far (in my opinion) performs better at that.

*UPDATE – Billy Crudup removed due to casting in Justice League and The Flash. Mark Strong removed due to likely casting in Shazam! Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*





Vandal Savage

Aidan T, Christian B, Gerald B, Jason I, Javier B, Johnny D, Jon H, Luke E, Oded F, Richard A, Rufus S, Viggo M.

The CW has introduced Vandal Savage as a villain in Legends of Tomorrow’s first season. I tried to vary on choices and include other fans’ picks. He may just be a fellow soldier, however. Let me know who you would pick or let me know in the comments if I missed someone!

*UPDATE – Billy Crudup removed due to casting in The Flash and Justice League. Joe Manganiello removed due to casting as Deathstroke. Said Taghmaoui removed as official casting confirmed as Sameer in Wonder Woman. Alexander Siddig removed due to casting in Gotham.*

Honorable (or maybe not so honorable) mentions: Starro, Prometheus, Maxwell Lord, Major Force, Felix Faust. I’m not sure when (and if) we’ll see these characters in the JL films.


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