Fan-Cast: Birds of Prey movie

There have been rumors that WB/DC is looking to bring an all-female superhero team-up movie and its supposedly Birds of Prey with Barbara Gordon and Black Canary in the lead roles. I kind of hope we see an all-female team superhero film. It would be awesome and a smart move by DC to bring in more of the female audience.

Now the core trio should be Barbara Gordon (whether she’s Batgirl or Oracle), Black Canary, and Huntress. Perhaps they could add Katana since she will debut in 2016’s Suicide Squad. If they can make it work, the next member should be Lady Blackhawk. I hope we can see the origins of Birds of Prey from the comics being used for the plot of the film, but it really depends.

BARBARA GORDON (Batgirl/Oracle)

Batgirl Barbara Gordon

Allison W, Anna K, Ashley G, Courtney E, Daisy R, Emma S, Emma W, Haley B, Jane L, Lily J, Lucy B, Marie A, Mary EW, Naomi S, Olivia C, Riley K, Rose L, Shailene W, Sophie C, Willa F, Zoey D.

She’s the leader of the team so it’s pretty obvious she should be in the film. And now that we know Jena Malone is NOT playing her, we can fan-cast her! My guess is that she’ll be a bit older than some would think given Batman is aged up in this universe. I think, actually, that actresses around Malone’s age would work for the role.


Big Barda

Abbey L, Adrianne P, Alyssa S, Berenice M, Charlize T, Famke J, Gaia W, Gwendoline C, Jodi LO, Katherine W, Monique G, Olga K, Rachel N, Tamsin E, Taylor C.

What is difficult in fan-casting Barda is her height. She is a giant. It’s really hard to find actresses even over 6 feet. Each of theses actresses are at least 5’10” and above, with Gwendoline the tallest at 6’3″.  Honestly, I think they’ll have to do some special FX for Barda because she’s a giant and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an actress even close to her height. Let me know who you would pick! (And comment if I missed anyone!)

*UPDATE – Elizabeth Debicki removed due to casting in GOTG Vol. 2. Milla Jovovich removed due to casting in Hellboy reboot.*

BLACK ALICE (Lori Zechlin)

Black Alice

Amandla S, Annasophia R, Brighton S, Chloe M, Courtney E, Elle F, Isabelle F, Kaya S, Kiernan S, Odeya R, Sofia D, Sydney P, Taissa F, Zoe K, Zoey D.

Black Alice would be an interesting, and youngest, member of the Birds. She can borrow the magic powers of other superheroes, but she lacks of control. A small problem with this character, however, would be comparisons to the X-Men’s Rogue. With this character, though, DC could lead to Doctor Fate. She could be a refreshing addition to the team, but we’ll see if she’s ever included in the universe…

BLACK CANARY (Dinah Lance)

Black Canary

Abbey L, Abbie C, Alexandra D, Alona T, Blake L, Dianna A, Emily W, Emma W, Gaia W, Katheryn W, Natalie D, Olivia W, Tamsin E, Taylor C, Teresa P, Yvonne S.

I’ve already done a Black Canary fan-cast…so I’m just re-posting my previous one/poll onto here. Anyways, there are rumors that Alona Tal, followed by Abbey Lee, are the top candidates for Black Canary by WB…But for now, let’s fan-cast anyways because it is not confirmed. (I’ll add them to the poll as well!)

*UPDATE – Amber Heard removed as she has been cast as Queen Mera in Justice League and Aquaman.*

CATWOMAN (Selina Kyle)


Berenice M, Carla G, Charlize T, Diane K, Elsa P, Emily B, Eva G, Jordana B, Karla S, Kate B, Lena H, Olga K, Olivia W, Paula P, Sarah S.

I’ve also already done a Catwoman fan-cast in my Batman solo fan-cast…So again, I re-posted the same one and its poll. Vote who you would pick and let me know if I missed any actresses!

*UPDATE – Milla Jovovich removed due to casting in Hellboy reboot.*

GYPSY (Cynthia Reynolds)


Adria A, Ana DA, Camilla B, Jessica S, Maiara W, Naomi S, Nina D, Noomi R, Olga K, Tatiana M, Tristin M, Troian B.

The nice thing about doing a Birds of Prey film is that we get to see obscure heroes come to life. Gypsy is a fairly unknown character from DC who at one point was part of the team. I think it’d be interesting to see her join the team in the first film (if there would be more than one Birds of Prey film…) Anyways, let me know who you would pick!

*UPDATE – Odette Annable removed due to casting in Supergirl as Reign.*



Aiysha H, Alicia V, Amanda R, Ana DA, Anna K, Ashley G, Briana E, Daisy R, Emilia C, Emily B, Gemma A, Genesis R, Missy P, Natalie D, Priyanka C, Riley K, Shelley H, Teresa P.

This is the same Hawkgirl fan-cast from my JL fan-cast! I’m not sure what story they’ll go with for Shayera, but it should be different from what we’re seeing on the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.

*UPDATE – Amber Heard has been removed due to casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman. Serinda Swan removed due to casting in Inhumans. Jessica Chastain removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*

HUNTRESS (Helena Bertinelli)


Aiysha H, Alexis K, Ana DA, Ashley G, Astrid BF, Courtney E, Daisy R, Emmy R, Genesis R, Julia V, Marie A, Mary EW, Meghan O, Olivia W, Phoebe T, Rooney M.

Huntress has always had an interesting story line. A bit similar to Batman in some ways. I think she’s important to include the team, and hopefully her involvement leads to The Question. Let me know who you would cast!

*Lauren Cohan as been removed due to her casting as Martha Wayne in BvS.*


Lady Blackhawk

Alice E, Alona T, Blake L, Charlotte S, Claire H, Haley B, Kate B, Leven R, Natalie D, Rosamund P, Tamsin E, Yvonne S.

Of the original members, I am not sure how likely it is we’ll see Zinda Blake. I think I’d prefer seeing her in the WW solo film (if it indeed takes place during one of the WW’s), if they can manage to fit her in. Or somehow incorporate her to modern day. It’s completely possible. How ever she’s brought in, who would you pick?

*UPDATE – Michelle Williams removed due to casting in Venom.*


Lady Shiva jade canary

Amanda W, Arden C, Constance W, Gong L, Isabella L, Jessica M, Jessika V, Li B, Liu Y, Lucy L, Sandrine H, Xiaolu L.

Another interesting character not well known, Lady Shiva (or Jade Canary). It’s like she’ll keep the latter as her alter ego. Anways, vote who you would pick or comment if I missed someone!

*UPDATE – Jamie Chang removed due to casting in Gotham and The Gifted.*

MANHUNTER (Kate Spencer)

Manhunter Kate Spencer

Alicia V, Amanda W, Berenice M, Daisy R, Devon A, Jessica M, Kaitlyn L, Kelsey C, Kristin K, Lynn C, Missy P, Olga K.

So there’s been multiple characters under the name Manhunter, but Kate is the most recent and is the first female to take the name. She has had affiliations with the Birds of Prey and I think could be an interesting member of the team. She’d likely be the more brutal/tough member of the group,  who tends to take things into her own hands…

*UPDATE – Crystal Reed removed due to casting in Gotham.*

POISON IVY (Pamela Isley)

Poison Ivy

Alexandra B, Amanda R, Blake L, Bryce DH, Carice VH, Eva G, Evan RW, Haley B, Holland R, Jane L, Lucy F, Mary EW, Natalie D, Olivia W, Riley K, Sarah G.

Poison Ivy would be a surprise member of the team but she has been in it for a short time in the comics. I don’t know whether they plan to bring her up as good then evil, or evil to good to evil again, or from neutral to evil or whatever. We’ll see I guess!

*UPDATE – Amber Heard removed due to casting as Queen Mera in Justice League and Aquaman. Jessica Chastain removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*

STARLING (Evelyn Crawford)


Alexis K, Alicia V, Allison W, Amanda R, Anna K, Ashley G, Camilla B, Daisy R, Emmy R, Genesis R, Imogen P, Jessica B, Olga K, Olivia T, Olivia W, Rooney M

Starling would be an interesting character to add. She was introduced in the New 52’s Birds of Prey. She also doesn’t like/trust Poison Ivy at all. She’d be an interesting dynamic to the team…

*UPDATE – Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Queen Mera in Justice League and Aquaman.*

VIXEN (Mari McCabe)


Dominique T, Freema A, Gugu MR, Kat G, Kerry W, Kylie B, Logan B, Lyndie G, Meagan T, Melanie L, Nathalie E, Nicole B, Samira W, Sonequa MG, Teyonah P, Yaya D.

I’m not sure of the likeliness we’ll see Vixen in Birds of Prey first from other teams she’s been a part of…But for now I’m going to include her in this fan-cast and the JL members fan-cast!

*UPDATE – Maisie Richardson-Sellers removed due to casting in Legends of Tomorrow (as Vixen!). Tracey Ifeachor removed due to casting in Legends of Tomorrow.*


Birds of Prey

Sept. 5, 2016 – Emma Stone for Barbara Gordon, Gwendoline Christie for Big Barda, Kaya Scodelario for Black Alice, Yvonne Strahovski for Black Canary, Kate Beckinsale for Catwoman, Nina Dobrev for Gypsy, Emily Blunt for Hawkgirl, Meghan Ory for Huntress, Alice Eve for Lady Blackhawk, Lucy Liu for Lady Shiva, Alicia Vikander for Manhunter, Jessica Chastain for Poison Ivy, Alexis Knapp for Starling, Kat Graham for Vixen.

My top-picks:


Jane Levy as Barbara Gordon, Katherine Waterston as Big Barda, Amandla Stenberg as Black Alice, Yvonne Strahovski as Black Canary, Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman, Tatiana Maslany as Gypsy, Alicia Vikander as Hawkgirl, Astrid Berges-Frisby as Huntress, Charlotte Sullivan as Lady Blackhawk, Li Bingbing as Lady Shiva, Lynn Collins as Manhunter, Haley Bennett as Poison Ivy, Olivia Wilde as Starling, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Vixen.

Others TBA: Dove (Dawn), Hawk (Hank), Ice (Tora), Infinity, Judomaster (Sonia)


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