Fan-Cast: Batman solo!

It’s been reported by Deadline that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns will co-write the Batman solo, supposedly titled The Batman. Affleck is also reported to be directing his solo film rumored for a 2018 release.  Matt Reeves (War of the Planet of the Apes) will direct the solo film and will rewrite what Affleck and Johns had done. Although I don’t know what story line/characters it would involve, a lot of fans are hoping for a Under the Hood or Court of Owls film, but I guess we’ll see…

Obviously, Batman has already been cast so no need to fan-cast him along with the Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons), Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons), Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello), and the Suicide Squad characters. So far it looks like Bruce has worked with at least Dick and Jason (who Harley & Joker killed), and we have both a Nightwing and Batgirl solo films confirmed (which means they’ll eventually be cast).



BARBARA GORDON (Batgirl/Oracle)

Batgirl Barbara Gordon

Allison W, Anna K, Ashley G, Courtney E, Daisy R, Emma S, Emma W, Haley B, Jane L, Lily J, Lucy B, Marie A, Mary EW, Naomi S, Olivia C, Riley K, Rose L, Shailene W, Sophie C, Willa F, Zoey D.

Now that it’s been confirmed Jena Malone is NOT Barbara Gordon, we can fan cast her! Now Affleck’s Batman has been Batman for awhile, so I’d assume he’s already worked with Barbara, who would be either Batgirl or Oracle now right? Well now that she has a solo film coming with Joss Whedon basically set to direct it, it sounds like she’ll be stepping back into crime-fighting after the events of The Killing Joke…

BATWOMAN (Katherine “Kate” Kane)


Alexandra B, Alexandra D, Allison W, Amanda R, Anna K, Emily B, Emmy R, Evan RW, Ingrid BB, Olivia W, Rachel N, Riley K.

I tried to vary on age a bit for this fan-cast and of course looked at fan suggestions as well. I think anyone (who can act of course) could be Kate, but we’ll see!

*UPDATE – Jessica Chastain removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*

BLACK MASK (Roman Sionis)

Black Mask

Alexander S, Clive O, Eric B, Jason S, Joaquin P, Jon H, Joseph F, Matthew G, Matthew M, Richard A, Rufus S, Timothy O, Viggo M, Wes B, Zachary Q.

We haven’t seen Black Mask in live-action yet and he’d be an interesting character to bring to the DCEU. I don’t know if/when WB would introduce the character, however. And as soon as I put this up, David Ayer tweets Black Mask, which calls to question if he will then appear in the Gotham City Sirens film.

*UPDATE – Mark Strong removed due to casting in Shazam.*

CASSANDRA CAIN (Batgirl/Black Bat)

Probably the youngest of the Batgirls, Cassandra may not appear for awhile (or ever) in the DC movie universe. For now, I won’t fan-cast her.

CATWOMAN (Selina Kyle)


Berenice M, Carla G, Charlize T, Diane K, Elsa P, Emily B, Eva G, Jordana B, Karla S, Kate B, Lena H, Olga K, Olivia W, Paula P, Sarah S.

Given that they decided to go with an older Batman in the DCCU, there’s a possibility Catwoman would be older as well. So I had a huge age range in possible choices and tried my best to narrow it down. If I am missing anyone, let me know. If not, vote in the poll who you would pick!

*UPDATE – Amber Heard removed due to casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman. Milla Jovovich removed due to casting in Hellboy reboot.*


For now, I’m leaving off fan-casting for Damian as I don’t know how likely he’ll show up in the DC Films universe.

DEATHSTROKE (Slade Wilson)

*UPDATE* Joe Manganiello confirmed to be Deathstroke!

DICK GRAYSON (Nightwing)

dick grayson nightwing

Adam G, Armie H, Bob M, Brant D, Daniel R, Daniel S, Douglas B, Drew R, Dylan OB, Finn W, Garrett H, Kevin Z, Logan L, Penn B, Steven RM.

The reason I left him simply Dick Grayson is because I don’t know what alter ego we could see him as in the DCEU. There’s a lot of rumors surrounding the Robins and one is that Dick will already be Nightwing and has parted ways from Bruce. So I’m fan casting for Nightwing/Dick…hopefully that is true. UPDATE – Nightwing will get his own solo film which confirms the rumors of where he’s at in the DCEU…Let’s hope to hear casting soon!

*UPDATE – Tyler Hoechlin removed due to casting in CW’s Supergirl as Superman. Ben Barnes removed due to casting in The Punisher.*


Two Face Harvey Dent

Aidan T, Armie H, Eric B, Ethan H, Joel E, Jonathan RM, Jon H, Joseph F, Keanu R, Kevin M, Leonardo D, Martin W, Matthew M, Richard A, Timothy O.

Maybe we will see the evolution of Two-Face as well in the DCCU? All we really know is that Batman has been fighting crime for a while now. Who knows how many villains he has already taken down, (besides the ones in Arkham in Suicide Squad, who he supposedly took down).

*UPDATE – Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*

HUNTRESS (Helena Bertinelli)


Aiysha H, Alexis K, Ana DA, Ashley G, Astrid BF, Courtney E, Daisy R, Emmy R, Genesis R, Julia V, Marie A, Mary EW, Meghan O, Olivia W, Phoebe T, Rooney M.

I already had a Huntress fan-cast from Birds of Prey, so I just used the same one since I figured it’d work in whichever movie she’s introduced. If they ever make a Birds of Prey film, I think that’s where we’ll first see Helena and not in a Batman film. Perhaps she could cameo in Batgirl’s solo, which I hope leads to a Birds of Prey spin-off but we’ll see.

*UPDATE – Serinda Swan removed due to casting in Inhumans.*

JASON TODD (Red Hood?)

Jason Todd Red Hood

Alexander L, Alex P, Daniel S, Dominic S, Douglas B, Drew R, Edward H, Glenn P, Harry L, Jake A, Kit H, Jeremy S, Liam H, Nolan GF, Taron E, William M.

Jason is confirmed to be the dead Robin of the cinematic universe (as it should be). Whether we see him become Red Hood is the big question. I’d like to think Affleck will incorporate him in his solo film, or perhaps Nightwing’s film, but we’ll have to wait and see…

POISON IVY (Pamela Isley)

Poison Ivy

Alexandra B, Amanda R, Blake L, Bryce DH, Carice VH, Eva G, Evan RW, Haley B, Holland R, Jane L, Lucy F, Mary EW, Natalie D, Olivia W, Riley K, Sarah G.

I found a lot of fan-cast ideas from fans and included a few of my own. I am missing actresses, most likely, because I feel that the casting of Poison Ivy is the most versatile. As long as the actress can act and doesn’t mind wearing a wig/dying her hair, she could work. We may not see Ivy in Batman’s solo but if Gotham City Sirens film actually happens, we can expect casting to occur at some point for the character.

*UPDATE – Amber Heard removed due to casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman. Jessica Chastain removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*


Ra's Al Ghul

Ashraf B, Billy Z, Ghassan M, Ian AD, Jason I, Jay A, Joaquin P, Keanu R, Ken W, Oded F, Richard A, Rufus S, Sacha BC, Shaun T, Viggo M.

It was definitely difficult finding suitable actors for this role…I really hope there isn’t another white actor portraying the character (although both previous actors were fine). I did look for other’s fan cast ideas to incorporate with any of my own. Although it sounds like we may not see the Al Ghuls for awhile in this film universe…

*UPDATE – Alexander Siddig removed due to casting as Ra’s Al Ghul (yes!) in Gotham (boo). Daniel Day Lewis removed due to retirement.*

THE RIDDLER (Edward Nygma)

The Riddler Edward Nygma

Andrew S, Casey A, Domhnall G, Eddie R, Jay B, Jim P, Johnny D, Justin B, Martin W, Matthew G, Matthew GG, Neil PH.

There’s a bit of a tease/easter egg in Batman v Superman of The Riddler, and Snyder revealed he also originally had plans to introduce him in the film. But to save time, he didn’t (thankfully). So instead, we can fan-cast him for the solo! Or whenever he pops up I guess…

*UPDATE – Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*


Silver St Cloud

Abbie C, Alexandra B, Brittany S, Charlize T, Claire C, Diane K, Elizabeth B, Kate B, Katheryn W, Piper P, Rosamund P, Sienna M.

Given that this Batman is older than what we’ve been introduced to before, I don’t know the possibility of Silver showing up in this universe. Especially if they want to save on crowd control. Perhaps they can do what Gotham did, where Bruce met her when in school.

*UPDATE – Serinda Swan removed due to casting as Medusa in Inhumans. Michelle Williams removed due to casting in Venom. Alice Eve removed due to casting in Marvel’s Iron Fist.*

STEPHANIE BROWN (Batgirl/Robin/Spoiler)

Stephanie Brown Spoiler

Annasophia R, Brighton S, Chloe M, Ella P, Elle F, Halston S, Kiernan S, Maika M, Nicola P, Odeya R, Peyton L, Saoirse R, Sophie N, Stefanie S, Taissa F.

Batman has so many Robins/Batgirls/etc and I’m not sure if we’ll see all of them in the DC movie-verse. Perhaps a few might have to go to the TV universe for any live-action attempt. I’ll fan-cast Stephanie anyways, though. If she does get a chance at live-action, I think she should stick to being called Spoiler, to differentiate from others and not further confuse non-CB readers. She’d probably be one of the youngest as well.

*UPDATE – Olivia Holt removed due to casting in Cloak & Dagger. Virginia Gardner removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways. Skyler Samuels removed due to casting in The Gifted. Dove Cameron removed due to casting in Agents of SHIELD.*


Talia Al Ghul

Aiysha H, Berenice M, Camilla B, Freida P, Gemma A, Jordana B, Lynn C, Moran A, Noomi R, Olga K, Priyanka C, Tatiana M.

Finding actresses was a bit difficult for Talia, even when I looked for fans’ suggestions. Again, the Al Ghul’s may not make an appearance in this universe but we can still fan-cast, yeah?

*UPDATE – Odette Annable removed due to casting in Supergirl as Reign.*


Tim Drake Red Robin

Asa B, Ashton M, BooBoo S, Brandon SH, Dylan OB, Josh H, Logan L, Nick R, Sterling B, Timothee C, Tyler P, Zachary G.

Now if Affleck does bring back the Robins into the DCEU, it makes sense to go with Tim next, given that in the comics he is the 3rd person to don the name. Thanks to BvS, we see the events that happened with Jason Todd had already occurred and with a Nightwing solo announced, we can confirm Dick and Jason are around. So next up would logically be Tim. I tried to vary in the FC with fan suggestions and my own.

*UPDATE – Ryan Potter removed due to casting in Titans series.*


Vicki Vale

Amanda R, Bar P, Carla G, Jamie K, Jennifer M, Malin A, Olivia W, Rachel B, Rachel N, Rebecca F, Sarah L, Sophia B.

Now I don’t know the likeliness of Vicki appearing in the film universe, but I am really trying to include as many characters from the Batman universe into this fan-cast. Let me know who you’d pick (and as always, if I’m missing someone).

*UPDATE – Lauren Cohan removed due to casting as Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman. Brie Larson removed due to casting as Captain Marvel. Serinda Swan removed due to casting as Medusa in Inhumans. Michelle Williams removed due to casting in Venom.*



As of Jan 3, 2017 Emma Stone for Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, Alexandra Breckenridge for Batwoman, Steven R McQueen for Nightwing, Daisy Ridley for Huntress, Kate Beckinsale for Catwoman, Taron Egerton for Red Hood/Jason Todd, Chloe Moretz for Stephanie Brown/Spoiler, Jessicas Chastain for Poison Ivy, Ryan Potter for Tim Drake/Robin, Alice Eve for Silver St Cloud, Gemma Arterton for Talia Al Ghul, Daniel Day Lewis for Ra’s Al Ghul, Amanda Righetti for Vicki Vale, Jon Hamm for Two Face, Neil Patrick Harris for The Riddler.

My top-picks:

Batman solo Batgirl Batwoman Nightwing Catwoman Poison Ivy Tim Drake Robin Spoiler Ras Talia Al Ghul Riddler Black Mask Red Hood Silver St Cloud Vicki Vale Two Face

Jane Levy for Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, Finn Wittrock for Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Brandon Soo Hoo for Robin/Tim Drake, Annasophia Robb for Spoiler/Stephanie Brown, Evan Rachel Wood for Batwoman/Kate Kane, Astrid Berges-Frisby for Huntress/Helena Bertinelli, Taron Egerton for Red Hood/Jason Todd, Kate Beckinsale for Catwoman, Sophia Bush for Vicki Vale, Oded Fehr for Ra’s Al Ghul, Rufus Sewell for Black Mask, Haley Bennett for Poison Ivy, Piper Perabo for Silver St Cloud, Moran Atias for Talia Al Ghul, Martin Wallstrom for Two Face/Harvey Dent, Andrew Scott for The Riddler.


40 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Batman solo!

  1. i love your choices for nightwing , spoiler , jason todd better than people choices , and glad most people are suggesting my pick for Tim Drake so i will explain why he is one of the best picks of Tim Drake after Logan Lerman of course , Tim became robin at 14 years old maybe in this Bat universe they will age him to a 17 years old Tim but we will see , Colin Ford is 19 years old he is one of the actors that i want in the DCEU or the MCU , he is very versatile playing with such big names like Matt Damon , Dean Norris and Jason Bateman so playing with Ben Affleck won’t be a problem the reason why he could rock as Tim Drake is his role as Supernatural as young Sam Winshester Sam is a mature teenager and also hiding his Emotions and dealing with loss and grief which is a good jumping point of playing Tim Drake , in under the dome his character was more like a genius and reserved which is a great reason to see him play the most intelligent detective in the world also in we bought a zoo he was more reckless , emotional and hopless which is similar to Tim drake , in Under the dome he was optimistic , lovely and caring to his friends much like Tim he was more badass as Sam and had shown some Physical work but he needs more training in martial arts and a stunt double , he could certainly work with Ben Affleck and rock the chemistry father -son with him he just his hair dyed to black i don’t care about the hair also he can totally pull over Leading abilities due to his roles in Supernatural
    he was such a mature , emotional and badass character like Tim should be , in disconnect he was more than troubled boy who had problems with his father and uses bullying as his own way to control his grief and anger which would totally work if DC/WB uses the 52 version of Tim Drake
    as for Harvey Dent i suggest Matt Damon he’s close to Ben Affleck age and he is a big name that i want in the DCEU the reason why he is better as Harvey Dent more than Hush is his role in both Bourne triology and the informant where he a bipolar conman and pulled crazy off very well which would totally could work for a villian like Harvey Dent also his role in Dogma was pretty similar to Harvey Dent he had also worked with Ben Affleck in it and it’s very nice to see them together in the DCEU again he had also the action sequences so i think it should work fine for Harvey Dent i do think he is the best choice
    sorry for the long text usually when i am suggesting a choice i explain why he/she is suited for the role it’s just a hobby i also wanna thank you for the advise i am currently having problems in the college because of the traveling thing

  2. Possibles for Tim Drake: Ryan Potter, Logan Lerman, Dylan O’Brien, Chandler Riggs, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Ford, or Asa Butterfield

  3. I personally really like Gigi Hadid as Stephanie Brown. I don’t know why. Plus, her and Dylan O’Brien look really cute. ( Who I’ve grown really used to being Tim Drake to me there can be no one else. Except for maybe Vini Uehara or Ryan Potter lol. ) + She’s a person of color so that’s a plus. Kiko Mizuhara is my Cassandra Cain, Aramis Knight is my Damian Wayne, Bob Morley is my Dick Grayson and Matthew Daddario (or maybe tyler posey) is my Jason Todd, Morena Baccarin is my Selina Kyle, Jane Levy is my Barbara Gordon. ( I think, lol. Babs is so hard to cast for me. ) You probably don’t care though. I’ve been rambling. Lol.

  4. […] Other surprising news in the DCE-Batman-U is a Nightwing film is under way. And WB is looking at The Lego Batman Movie director, Chris McKay, to helm the film with Bill Dubuque (The Accountant) writing the script. It certainly seems like McKay is up for it, given his Twitter feed. The question is, then, who will play Dick Grayson? I have a theory that heavily rumored DCEU-cast Armie Hammer could be Dick. He’s in the right age range, he’s got the right physical attributes, and the fact that he has ties to the DCEU only because of Geoff Johns and Joe Manganiello (Johns a co-writer for The Batman, Manganiello is Deathstroke)…But that’s just a theory. Who would you cast? […]

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