Fan-Cast: The Flash movie!

The Flash’s first solo film has been having a lot of behind-the-scenes trouble from the constant change in screenwriters and directors. From Chris Miller & Phil Lord to Seth-Grahame Smith to Rick Famuyiwa, it seems the film is finally starting to take shape as at SDCC ’17 it was announced that the solo film will indeed be Flashpoint. And with that, who better than the rumored favorite Robert Zemeckis, aka the director behind Back to the Future. But for now, all that is confirmed is Ezra Miller, Kiersey Clemons, and Billy Crudup as Barry Allen, Iris West, and Henry Allen.



CONFIRMED – Kiersey Clemons has joined the Flash solo as Iris!

The poll included Allison Scagliotti, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Lail, Emily Browning, Emma Watson, Georgie Henley, Halston Sage, Imogen Poots, Jane Levy, Katie Stevens, Molly Quinn, Odeya Rush, Olivia Cooke, Saoirse Ronan, Sarah Hyland, Zoey Deutch – with Emma Watson at #1.

KID FLASH (Wally West)

So here’s the thing with fan-casting Wally. Kiersey is actually biracial (half-white, half-black). So Wally could potentially be of either race (or mixed as well); if the movie universe acknowledges this. So to be fair, I’ve included 2 fan-casts for Wally. Can’t wait to see who they cast!

Kid Flash Wally West

Ansel E, Billy U, Callan M, Charlie R, Cody C, Colin F, Gabriel B, Jake TA, Josh H, KJ A, Nick R, Timothee C.

Since Ezra is young (at least among the JL members), I tried to find Wally picks younger or the same age as him. I mean, he could be older/same age as Barry if Iris’ sibling was old enough. It’s totally possible, but I don’t think they’d do that. We’ll see if they follow the CW’s show by making him Iris’ brother instead. Anyways, I don’t think Wally will be getting his powers yet. Or at least won’t be suiting up for a while…

*UPDATE – Gregg Sulkin removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways.Brenton Thwaites removed due to casting in the Titans series.*

Kid Flash Wally West

Adrian KT, Jordan F, Khylin R, Nadji J, Noah GC, Shameik M, Stephan J, Tequan R, Trevor J, Tyler JW.

Again, don’t know the exact age they’re looking for in Wally. So I tried to vary from younger to about Ezra’s age. Now it’d be hilarious if Shameik got the role, as this would be another from Famuyiwa’s Dope.



For Linda, I’m trying to stay closer in age to Wally. I don’t know if she will appear in the film, maybe a small cameo or something as Wally’s (girl)friend (if he’s introduced as well). It was difficult finding Korean-American actresses who fit the age, it’s possible they’ll cast an unknown actress.


patty spivot

AnnaLynne M, Annasophia R, Ashley B, Brittany S, Britt R, Claire H, Dianna A, Elizabeth L, Haley B, Halston S, Hayden P, Imogen P, Indiana E, Lucy B, Lucy F, Skyler S.

I don’t know if we’ll see Patty, at least in the first Flash movie, but it’s still fun to fan cast, right? Patty should be about the same age as Barry and Iris, maybe a bit older. She is on the more petite side, so that plus acting ability factored into these picks. As well as outside (fan) ideas. Let me know who you could see as Patty!

*UPDATE – Virginia Gardner removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways.*

…THE ROGUES (Villains)

So it’s rumored that the main villain(s) of the film will be The Rogues (group of villains). I’m not surprised to hear this as individually, it wouldn’t be very fun to watch them battle Flash. But if they partnered up, or got the whole group, it could prove to be a great challenge for Flash. For now, I can leave out Captain Boomerang since Jai Courtney is playing the character in Suicide Squad (2016). Maybe we’ll get to see the Rogues break him out of Arkham. Then again, he doesn’t play well with others.



CAPTAIN COLD (Leonard Snart)

Captain Cold

Alexander S, Andrew L, Cam G, Charlie H, Clive S, Jamie B, Joseph M, Kellan L, Michael CH, Mike V, Paul W, Sam W.

Captain Cold was a bit hard to fan-cast, especially since Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold on The Flash) is who I keep picturing. Now recent rumors says that Leonard and his sister, Lisa, will be the main villains/Rogues of the Flash solo movie. We’ll see if that turns out to be true! I’m not perfect so I know I missed actors for this fan-cast…But vote and let me know who you would pick!

*UPDATE – Alan Ritchson removed due to casting as Hawk in Titans.*


Golden Glider

Abbie C, Alice E, AnnaLynne M, Claire H, Dianna A, Gaia W, Isabel L, Katheryn W, Leven R, Maggie G, Natalie D, Teresa P.

Golden Glider wasn’t too hard to fan-cast. All that is really important is that she resembles closely to whoever is Captain Cold (and vice versa) and can act (like a criminal). These ladies can all kick ass and could be a great potential Golden Glider. Vote who you’d pick (or comment if I left someone out!)

*Update – Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman.

HEAT WAVE (Mick Rory)

Ben Foster, Billy Zane, Brian Austin Green, Cam Gigandet, Kellan Lutz, Kevin Durand, Logan Marshall Green, Luke Goss, Norman Reedus, Sam Worthington, Taylor Kitsch, Travis Fimmel

Ben F, Billy Z, Brian AG, Cam G, Kellan L, Kevin D, Logan MG, Luke G, Norman R, Sam W, Taylor K, Travis F.

Like Captain Cold, it’s hard to imagine someone other than who they cast in The Flash as Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell). I tried to find actors who could pull off his brash attitude as well as pulled ideas from others’ fan cast.


Mirror Master

Aaron P, Adam B, Alex OL, Cam G, Casey A, Chace C, Dustin M, Ed H, Jake A, Jamie B, Joe D, Garrett H, Mike V, Rami M, Ryan Go, Ryan Gu, Sam C, Timothy O, Tommy S, Tyler P.

Okay, a fan-cast on Mirror Master will be a bit hard since there’s more than one. The original is Sam Scudder, but there’s also been a Evan McCulloch. Just judging by the character choices so far, DC is going with the first incarnation. So this is strictly based on Scudder – perhaps if they wanted to differ from the CW show they’d go with McCulloch but we’ll have to wait and see.

PIED PIPER (Hartley Rathaway)

Pied Piper

Ansel E, Callan M, Eddie R, Freddie H, Garrett C, Jeremy S, Martin W, Matthew D, Matthew GG, Rupert G, Sam S, Thomas BS.

I think it’d be interesting if they introduced Hartley first as a friend of Wally’s…But however he’s introduced, he’ll probably be one of the youngest of the Rogues. Not completely sure on that though.

THE TOP (Roscoe Dillon)




There are 2 Tricksters, James Jesse and Axel Walker. They could go with the first incarnation or the newer one. I don’t know. So this fan-cast is kind of a combination of the two, since I don’t know what they will do in the movie universe.


weather wizard

Adam G, Aidan T, Bob M, Colin OD, Danila K, Diego B, Diego L, Edgar R, Kit H, Michiel H, Nathan P, Orlando B, Pedro P, Penn B, Rodrigo S, Santiago C.

I don’t know how many members of the Rogues we will actually see in the first Flash film…but why not fan cast each one just in case? Again, some ideas are from other fan casts and some I had to come up with!

*UPDATE – Tyler Hoechlin has been removed due to his casting as Superman in the CW’s Supergirl. Ben Barnes has been removed due to casting in Iron Fist. Joe Manganiello has been removed due to casting as Deathstroke in The Batman.*



REVERSE FLASH (Eobard Thawne)

Reverse Flash

Alexander S, Damian L, Joel M, Jon H, Jude L, Keanu R, Kevin M, Matthew G, Matthew M, Michael CH, Timothy O, Zachary Q.

…or Professor Zoom. Whichever they decide to go with, I’m looking specifically at Eobard Thawne. Tom Cavanagh was fantastic as Eobard/Harrison/Reverse Flash in the CW show and it’s hard to see someone else portray the character. But someone has to. (Plus, if Infinite Crisis happens…) Let me know your vote in the poll!

*UPDATE – Michael Rosenbaum removed due to casting in GotG Vol. 2.*

ZOOM (Hunter Zolomon)



I decided it’d be fun to fan-cast all the Speedsters (good and bad) in DC…I’ll leave Wally, Reverse-Flash, and Zoom in the sections above, and the rest will go here.

Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, Trajectory, Jesse Quick, Impulse, Max Mercury (The original Quicksilver), Johnny Quick, The Rival, Black Flash, Reverse-Flash (Daniel West)


The Flash

Sept. 4, 2016 – Charlie Rowe/Jordan Fisher for Wally West/Kid Flash, Annasophia Robb for Patty Spivot, Matthew McConaughey for Reverse Flash, Andrew Lincoln for Captain Cold, Natalie Dormer for Golden Glider, Norman Reedus for Heat Wave, Dustin Milligan for Mirror Master, Rupert Grint for Pied Piper, Ben Barnes for Weather Wizard.

My top-picks:

the flash

Charlie Rowe or Jordan Fisher as Wally West/Kid Flash, Elizabeth Lail as Patty Spivot, Andrew Lincoln as Captain Cold, Teresa Palmer as Golden Glider, Norman Reedus as Heat Wave, Ryan Guzman as Mirror Master, Callan McAuliffe as Pied Piper, Damian Lewis as Reverse Flash, Santiago Cabrera as Weather Wizard.


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