Fan-Cast: Doom Patrol film!

Back in 2006, it was reported by Variety that Warner Brothers hired Adam Turner to pen a live-action Doom Patrol film. Obviously, that went nowhere. I figure that we may see a resurgence of this film since the DCCU is cranking up at full speed. With them bringing Shazam, Justice League Dark, and Suicide Squad, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them bring Doom Patrol back in.


THE CHIEF (Niles Caulder)

A paraplegic gifted with a genius-level intellect. Caulder uses his scientific knowledge to develop numerous inventions and innovations that have made him wealthy. Caulder founded and organized the team called the Doom Patrol to protect the innocent and fight crime, and to teach humanity to accept others who live as ostracised “freaks,” who have been radically transformed from terrible accidents.

The Chief Niles Caulder

Anthony H, Charles D, Christoph W, Colin F, Donald S, Ed H, Harrison F, Jason I, Jeff B, Kevin M, Pierce B, Viggo M.

What was I looking for in this fan-cast? Well first off I grabbed whatever I saw on the internet who already fan-cast him and then looked for great actors who have yet to step into the comic book world. You can vote in the poll who you would pick or comment below if you have another idea!

*UPDATE – Daniel Day Lewis removed due to retirement.*

ROBOTMAN (Cliff Steele)

An international sportsman and daredevil who Caulder had burned to a cinder by causing Cliff’s race car to crash. Chief used his scientific genius to transfer Steele’s brain into the robot body.


Aaron P, Alex OL, Cam G, Jamie B, John B, Josh D, Justin B, Leonardo D, Liam H, Michael E, Mike V, Omari H.

Robotman was a bit harder to fan-cast because I didn’t want a giant collage. I immediately figured that race does not matter for this character as he is a robot. I looked for, just as anyone should, someone who can act and can bring something to the role. I know I’m missing more, because again I didn’t want a giant collage, so if I did comment below who you would pick! Otherwise, vote in the poll!


A Hollywood starlet, and Olympic level swimmer. During filming of one of her movies Caulder exposed Rita to strange vapors that granted her the ability to alter her size at will. Her career in ruins, due to her mutation, she now fights alongside the Doom Patrol as Elasti-Girl.

Elastiwoman Rita Farr

Alicia V, Alison B, Allison W, Amanda R, Anna K, Astrid BF, Emilia C, Emily B, Jessica B, Kate B, Keira K, Rebecca F, Shelley H, Sophia B, Teresa P.

Possibly to avoid confusion of The Incredibles’ Elastigirl, who is based on the DC character first of all, they may call Rita Elastiwoman. Either way, I tried to fan-cast actresses in their late 20s or 30s for this role. You could say that I see her and Mento/Steve would be like parent-figures of the group. Or at least that’s how I see it going. Anyways, vote in the poll your pick or comment below if you have another idea!

*UPDATE – Lauren Cohan removed due to casting in Batman v Superman. Jessica Chastain removed due to casting in X-Men Dark Phoenix.*

MENTO (Steve Dayton)

One of the world’s richest men, builds a helmet to enhance his mental abilities and calls himself Mento. This is an attempt on Dayton’s part to impress Elasti-Girl (a.k.a Rita Farr) of the Doom Patrol. Although his arrogant manner annoys the male field members of the team, he is successful, Mento and Elasti-Girl are married.


Alexander S, Andrew L, Jake A, Jake G, James M, Joaquin P, Jon H, Joseph F, Joseph M, Oliver JC, Rupert PJ, Taylor K.

So I tried to find someone either the same age as the Elastiwoman fan-cast or older. I also looked for actors who could pull off being an asshole. (Not that the actor is one, just that he’s a good enough actor to seem so) It was harder to find outside suggestions for this character so a lot of this I had to come up with. Comment if I missed someone, if not vote in the poll!

*UPDATE – Patrick Wilson removed due to his casting as POTUS in DC’s universe.*

BEAST BOY (Garfield Logan)

Beast Boy

Asa B, Ashton M, Billy U, BooBoo S, Callan M, Chandler R, Charlie R, Dave F, Dylan OB, Gabriel B, Josh H, Nick R, Sam S, Timothee C, Tyler P.

So if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, or at least my fan-casts, then you’d know I’ve already done one for Beast Boy in Titans. So I basically took the same ideas from my previous one and incorporated it with some new ideas. I wanted him to be a teen or young adult for the film. He should definitely be the youngest of the Patrol. You can vote your pick or comment if I missed someone!

NEGATIVE MAN (Lawrence Trainor)

Once a US Air Force test pilot – Caulder caused his jet’s guidance systems to break down so he would fly an experimental suborbital aircraft into a stratospheric belt of radiation. Now existing as a living mummy, forced to wear special bandages to contain the radiation that has disfigured his body. As a side effect of the incident Trainor can become a being of pure energy by leaving his body as a black electrical like silhouette and return to his lifeless body and he calls this form the Negative Man.

Negative Man Lawrence Trainor

Aaron P, Alexander S, Cam G, Daniel H, Dean OG, Eddie R, Garrett H, Glen P, Jack R, Jake G, Josh D, Liam H, Mike V, Ricky W, Ryan G.

Negative Man was probably the hardest of all the characters to fan-cast because I couldn’t find any fan-casts for him. I’ll probably update this if I see other’s suggestions or think of new picks. Anyways, comment or vote in the poll!

*UPDATE – Michael Rosenbaum removed due to casting in GotG Vol 2. Jude Law removed due to casting in Captain Marvel.*

NEGATIVE WOMAN (Valentina Vostok)

Negative Woman

Aleksandra Bortich, Anastasia Stezhko, Anna Chipovskaya, Diane Kruger, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Kristina Asmus, Marina Aleksandrova, Olga Fonda, Svetlana Antonova, Svetkana Khodchenkova, Yanina Studilina, Yuliya Snigir

Valentina hails from Russia so to narrow this fan-cast down, I looked for Russian actresses. I’m not sure we’ll see Negative Woman in the “first version” of the team, but we can still fan-cast anyways!

CELSIUS (Arani Desai)


Aishwarya R, Aiysha H, Bipasha B, Deepika P, Freida P, Priyanka C, Shradda K, Sonakshi S.

Now the inclusion of Celsius probably wouldn’t occur until a possible sequel or further on. She does have a history with The Chief as well, once having been married, but I don’t know if that history will exist in a live-action. So I tried to vary in ages.

RHEA JONES (Lodestone)

Rhea Jones lodestone

Abbey L, Alexandra D, Amanda R, Bryce DH, Eleanor T, Gaia W, Imogen P, Katherine W, Lily J, Mary EW, Rose L, Saoirse R, Shelley H, Teresa P, Zoey D.

Like some of the others, Rhea probably wouldn’t appear until a sequel/second version of the team occurred.

*UPDATE – Jessica Chastain has been removed due to casting in Dark Phoenix.*

TEMPEST (Joshua Clay)


Like Celsius and Rhea, Joshua wouldn’t arrive until the second version of DP (if that were to happen).


MADAME ROUGE (Laura De Mille)

madame rouge

Astrid BF, Audrey T, Berenice M, Eva G, Marion C, Monica B, Noomi R, Olga K, Rachel W, Rooney M, Roxane M, Taylor C.

It wasn’t too hard to find French actresses for the role, along with actresses outside that, but finding the appropriate age was. She’s been romantically linked to The Chief and is known for her split personality (good/evil), and is part of the Brotherhood of Evil. I think some may find some similarities in her character and the X-Men’s Mystique, so one challenge the movie makers has is to make her different from Mystique. I don’t know what exactly would stay in a live-action adaptation of her, or if all will be part of her, but whatever it is, vote in the poll who you would pick or comment if I missed someone!

*UPDATE – Serinda Swan removed due to casting in Inhumans.*

For now, that’s it for the fan-cast! I’ll add more later but I wanted to publish this post now since it’s pretty much done. Let me know who you want to see added next in this fan-cast!


doom patrol

As of Jan. 27, 2017 – Viggo Mortensen for The Chief/Niles Caulder, Alicia Vikander for Elastiwoman, Alexander Skarsgard for Mento, Asa Butterfield for Beast Boy, Liam Hemsworth for Robotman, Elizaveta Boyarskaya for Negative Woman, Aaron Paul for Negative Man, Eva Green for Madame Rouge.

My top-picks:

doom patrol

Dylan O’Brien as Beast Boy, Viggo Mortensen as The Chief/Niles Caulder, Emilia Clarke as Elastigirl/woman, Rachel Weisz as Madame Rouge, Joseph Morgan as Mento, Ricky Whittle as Negative Man, Elizaveta Boyarskaya as Negative Woman, Liam Hemsworth as Robotman.


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