Fan-Cast: Other Justice League Members!

Before we go any further, I just want to note that I have made separate posts for fan-casts (as you may know already) and that’s why you may not see some characters here. You can click here for Justice League Dark and here for Shazam! (I may eventually add them into this post…maybe) If I really did miss someone, please let me know!

BLACK CANARY (Dinah Lance)

Black Canary

Abbey L, Abbie C, Alexandra D, Alona T, Blake L, Dianna A, Emily W, Emma W, Gaia W, Katheryn W, Natalie D, Olivia W, Tamsin E, Taylor C, Teresa P, Yvonne S.

All these actresses can kick ass and would rock playing Canary. According to some rumors, Alona Tal is WB’s top pick for Canary, followed by Abbey Lee. But let me know who you think should get the role in the poll!

*Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman.*


Blue Beetle Ted Kord

Adam B, Adam S, Eddie R, James F, Jay B, John K, Jude L, Justin B, Matthew G, Michael R, Milo V, Misha C, Toby K, Zachary L, Zachary Q.

If they do a team-up film for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (like rumored), they need to make sure the actors they pick have the right chemistry, otherwise it won’t work. Like any fan-cast, I looked at fan suggestions as well as coming up with my own ideas for this. Anyways, vote and let me know who you’d pick!

*UPDATE – Scoot McNairy was Wallace Keefe, not Ted Kord, in BvS and has been removed. Zachary Levi will be removed if he returns to MCU. Tyler Hoechlin has been removed due to his casting as Superman in CW’s Supergirl. Anton Yelchin has been removed due to his passing; Rest in peace.*

BOOSTER GOLD (Michael Jon Carter)


I hope they get a good actor for Booster. I really do. He’s quite a character and you need someone to pull off his attitude. Greg Berlanti has officially announced he’s working on a Booster Gold film BUT it’s unknown if 1) its part of the DC cinematic universe; and if 2) Blue Beetle is involved as well or not. Now I’m not sure the age range for this, so I went with whoever could potentially pull it off. I think I’m missing obvious choices for him, but let me know who you would pick!

GREEN ARROW (Oliver Queen)

green arrow

Armie H, Casey A, Chace C, Charlie H, Daniel S, Garrett H, Leonardo D, Liam H, Luke B, Mike V, Ryan G, Sam H.

As you can probably see, I kept the age range from mid-20s to 30s. I think GA and BC should be either the same age as the rest of the superheroes (30/early 30s) or be even younger. But let me know who you would pick, or fill out the other option in the poll if I am missing someone!

*Chris Pine has been removed from the poll due to his casting as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman.*


Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Alan R, Alex OL, Armie H, Casey A, Chace C, Garrett H, Jake G, James M, Jensen A, Josh D, Liam H, Matt B, Matt D, Matthew M, Nathan F, Ryan G.

So for now, I’m just having Hal on this fan-cast; the other GLs you can vote for in the Green Lantern Corps FC. Anyways, one of the producers part of DC Films, Charles Roven, mentioned we may not see GL until the next Justice League (2019). There’s also a rumor that Hal could be closer in age to Affleck’s Bruce Wayne than the rest of the League. We’ll have to wait and see…

HAWKMAN (Carter Hall)

hawkman carter hall

Alan R, Alexander S, Armie H, Daniel G, Derek T, Garrett H, Jake G, Jensen A, John K, Jon H, Jude L, Kevin M, Luke E, Rami M, Reece R, Richard A.

Finding actors for Hawkman was harder than it was for Hawkgirl…I tried to look at fan suggestions but they were either too old now or are involved with another comic book show/movie. I know there are many actors out there so I probably missed some ideas, and if I did, let me know!

*Chris Pine has been removed due to his casting as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman. Patrick Wilson has been removed due to his casting as Orm in Aquaman. Karl Urban has been removed due to his casting in Thor Ragnarok. Tyler Hoechlin has been removed due to his casting as Superman in CW’s Supergirl. Joe Manganiello has been removed due to casting as Deathstroke in the DCEU. Ben Barnes has been removed due to casting in Marvel’s The Punisher.*

HAWKGIRL (Shayera Hall)


Alicia, Amanda, Ana, Anna, Ashley, Briana, Camilla, Daisy, Emilia, Emily, Gemma, Genesis, Jessica, Missy, Natalie, Priyanka, Riley, Serinda, Shelley, Teresa.

If you voted in my previous (previous) Hawkgirl fan-cast, then you’ll notice that some of these actresses are from the previous poll. But the majority are new actresses and I tried to broaden it. Each of these actresses can kick ass. Although some may be a bit taller than they should be for the role (I picture Hawkgirl being the shortest of the League members). It’s hard to say what “look” they’re going for so I tried to pick actresses that could bring something new or awesome to the character. Let me know who you would pick (or fill out in the other option another idea you have)!

*Update – Jenna Dewan Tatum was removed due to her casting as Superwoman/Lucy Lane in Supergirl. Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman.*


martian manhunter

Carl L, Clive O, Denzel W, Edgar R, Harry L, Isaiah W, Jean CVD, Jimmy JL, Lance R, Mahershala A, Mark S, Michael KW, Peter M, Ray S, Trai B, Zach M.

It was a bit hard to find the right picks for Martian Manhunter because I don’t know how they would create him. As in, would they pull a TMNT and have giant guys stand in for green screen and another actor is the actual voice? If that’s the case, it’d be awesome to see the animated MM’s voice actor voice him again. If they actually suit the actor up, that’s where the rest of these picks come in. They’d need to bulk up however. And as for Harry Lennix, there is a theory that the General is actually MM in disguise. I don’t know if that’s true or not. Anyways, vote and let me know who you would pick (or use the ‘other’ option to write in your own idea)!



Alan R, Armie H, Brandon M, Daniel C, Derek T, Kellan L, Liam H, Ryan M, Tom W.

I don’t know how soon Shazam will join the League but since he has his own solo movie coming he might be by the time the second Justice League movie is being made. I expect a casting announcement for the character this year (possibly at SDCC) if they want to make their original planned release date of 2019.

VIXEN (Mari McCabe)


Dominique T, Freema A, Gugu MR, Kat G, Kerry W, Kylie B, Logan B, Lyndie G, Meagan T, Melanie L, Nathalie E, Samira W, Sonequa MG, Tracey I, Yaya D.

Vixen’s fan-cast is part of this and Birds of Prey. I don’t know what team/film she would debut first…But I hope we see her soon! Let me know who you’d pick or comment if I left anyone out!

*UPDATE – Lupita N’yongo has been removed due to her casting in Black Panther. Maisi Richardson-Sellers has been removed due to her casting as Vixen [but] for CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.*

Your top-picked results!

justice league

As of March 6, 2017 – Katheryn Winnick for Black Canary, Adam Brody for Blue Beetle, Armie Hammer for Booster Gold, Charlie Hunnam for Green Arrow, Armie Hammer for Green Lantern, Alicia Vikander for Hawkgirl, Richard Armitage for Hawkman, Peter Mensah for Martian Manhunter, Alan Ritchson for Shazam, Kat Graham for Vixen.

My top-picks:

justice league

James Marsden as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Yvonne Strahovski as Black Canary, Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow, Peter Mensah as Martian Manhunter, Matthew Goode as Blue Beetle, Ryan McPartlin as Booster Gold, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Vixen, John Krasinski as Hawkman, Alicia Vikander as Hawkgirl/woman.




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