Gregor the Overlander Movie – My Idea

Gregor the Overlander is a novel written by The Hunger Games author, Suzanne Collins. The series contains 5 novels that centers on the Overland (above/Earth) and the Underland (below Earth), explored by the main character Gregor along with his 2 year old sister Boots and Underland Princess Luxa. I think these series would be a great live-action movie series. But the way to bring it about would cause some distance from the books – for a live-action, it may need to be darkened and changed up. But if it were to be made into a live-action animated film, it can serve the way How to Train Your Dragon does – a bit dark but still a great family-fun adventure film with a great storyline. I would prefer they do this, rather than live-action, because I feel it better fits the series. As for what studio, I would rather it not go to Disney because they don’t go that dark. I’d prefer if it went to Dreamworks. They made Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, HTTYD, The Croods, and Rise of the Guardians to name a few. I would prefer Gregor the Overlander to fall along the lines of Rise of the Guardians and HTTYD, or even Legend of the Guardians (Warner Bros) and Epic (Twentieth Century Fox). I’d even love it if the director of HTTYD, Dean DeBlois directed it. (But as long as they choose a good director and writer, I’ll be fine with whoever)

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Fan-Cast: Spider-Man!

You saw this coming, right? I mean, Spider-Man was just cast (Tom Holland) and the reboot solo film is coming in 2017. They are reportedly focusing on Peter’s high school years, so it won’t be like Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man films or Andrew Garfield’s even. He is supposedly 15 in the film, although Tom is 19 who could pull off looking 15? I don’t know, I mean, look at Andrew Garfield playing a teen when he was in his late 20s/30 years old. We’ll see what their plans are eventually but in the mean time, its pretty sure that high school will be a big focus. So I stuck to actors that’ll fit in a high school setting (and, if any, outside that).

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Fan-Cast: Justice League Dark

…or Dark Universe. Guillermo del Toro recently turned in his script to WB for his film on JLD but isn’t sure if he will be directing the film due to other film commitments and the pace WB is going in building the DCCU.

UPDATE – Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) has officially stepped up as director. The rumored team line-up is Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Jason Blood, and Swamp Thing.

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