Fan-Cast: Disney Live-Action Movies (Part 1)

It seems Disney will continue turning Disney animated films into live-actions. With Alice In Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book already out and Beauty & The Beast, Mulan and Dumbo on its way, it’s fair to say they probably won’t stop anytime soon. So I decided to try my hand at fan-casting the rest of Disney’s animated films! (Or at least, as many as I can possible)

disney live action

(You can see that I didn’t include Snow White and the Hunstman/Mirror Mirror as one was released by Universal Pictures and the other Relativity Media.)

Just so you know, here are the Disney live-actions currently in the works – Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Tink, Mulan, Aladdin, Snow White, and more…

BIG UPDATE Jan 2017 – I finished Part 2 for the Disney Live-Action fan-cast, which means I have split older and newer movies into two lists so it isn’t in one long post.


Snow White

snow white

Annasophia R, Ariel W, Daisy R, Dove C, Ella P, Emily B, Hailee S, Isabelle F, Lucy H, Mackenzie F, Odeya R, Olivia H, Peyton L, Sarah H, Stefanie S, Zoey D.

So these are some actresses I think could pull off Snow White. It was a bit diffcult finding someone who is dainty and can (possibly) sing. As you probably already noticed, a few of these actresses would need a wig and possibly colored contacts…But otherwise I think each can pull off the role. I would’ve made edits for each actress so you could see what they would look like as Snow but that’s quite time consuming…so I’ll let you do the imagining.

The Prince

Prince Florian

Ansel E, Asher A, Billy U, Blake J, Callan M, Dominic S, Garrett C, Gregg S, KJ A.

The Prince (or Prince Florian) is a bit hard to fan cast since there is no official age of the character. He seems to be older than Snow, so I put the minimum age as 16. But he also seems to be the youngest of the Princes, I could be wrong but that’s what it seems like.

Evil Queen

evil queen

Charlize T, Emily B, Eva G, Famke J, Jennifer C, Julianna M, Kate B, Katie M, Katheryn W, Lena H, Mallory J, Marion C, Milla J, Olga K, Olivia W, Rachel W.

Although Charlize was already the Evil Queen in Kristen Stewart’s Snow White, I thought I’d put her on here because I think she did a fine job. I wouldn’t mind seeing her play the role again at all! The rest of these actresses can definitely pull off the role of the Evil Queen. Take Olivia for instance, she was shot as the Evil Queen as part of those Dream Portrait shoots – and she looks great! So vote who you see as the Evil Queen of Snow White!


Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Billy U, Callan M, Cameron M, Dakota G, Daniel H, Nick R, Ross L, Thomas BS.

Peter Pan was easy/tough casting. He doesn’t age, but his looks seem to match someone who is either a young teenager or about to be a teenager. Or they age him up and he is a teen. I don’t know. But I looked for younger actors and ones who looked…nimble? Something like that…Anyways, vote in the poll your pick!

Wendy Darling

wendy darling

Brighton S, Chloe M, Dove C, Ella P, Elle F, Kiernan S, Mackenzie F, Odeya R, Peyton L, Raffey C, Sophie N, Willow S.

The first step in finding actresses for Wendy was definitely age. The actresses should definitely be younger than 16, 15 I think is the best age for the character but I had to work with finding good actresses who can sing a bit. Wendy isn’t quite known for singing so who knows if she actually will sing in a live-action. But these are the actresses I was able to find that somewhat matched Wendy. Let me know in the poll who you could see as her!

*UPDATE – The cut off age I’ve set for 20. Georgie Henley has been removed.*


UPDATE May 22, 2015 – Reese Witherspoon has been cast as Tinkerbell in the Disney Live-Action “Tink.”

The poll has been removed, but this was the result – Annasophia Robb, Juno Temple, Mae Whitman, & Sami Gayle tied for #1.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook

Aidan T, Clive S, Damian L, Ethan H, Jason I, Joaquin P, Jon H, Joseph F, Oded F, Richard A, Russell B, Santiago C.

There are many actors I think could play Captain Hook, but these are the ones I narrowed it down to. If I am missing anyone, let me know in the comments!

*UPDATE – Daniel Day Lewis removed due to retirement.*




Alexis K, Brie L, Cara D, Eleanor T, Jena M, Karen G, Katherine M, Kelley J, Kimberly W, Melissa B, Molly Q, Saoirse R, Sophie T, Virginia G, Zoey D.

Major update on the Ariel fan-cast. Took out a couple (who were very low in votes) and added a few new actors. I was able to find more actresses, who can also sing, and meet the age-range requirement for the character. Let me know if I did miss someone, otherwise, please vote who you would pick!

Prince Eric

prince eric

Aaron TJ, Adam G, Armie H, Christian C, Daniel S, Dominic S, Douglas B, Drew R, Finn W, Ian H, Kevin Z, Liam H, Logan H, Logan L, Matthew L, Sam C.

Eric is the only Disney Prince to not sing (at least in the first film). So I was not too concerned with vocal abilities in this fan-cast. I mainly looked at age and acting ability. I know a lot of fans’ favorites are Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer but they are both too old, in my opinion, for the role. So vote in the poll who you would pick!


Ursula Little Mermaid

Angela B, Carla G, Glenn C, Kathy B, Jennifer H, Mo’Nique IJ, Merrin D, Octavia S, Oprah W, Queen L, Viola D, Yvette NB.

I’ve noticed some fan-casts looking specifically for actresses who are “big,” but in my opinion, that shouldn’t matter because a lot of Ursula is going to be CG already. So I looked for actresses who can sing and act and pull off Ursula’s attitude. Let me know if I missed anyone!



*BREAKING! Mena Massoud has been officially cast as Aladdin in the live-action.

The poll included Arifin Putra, Ashton Moio, Avan Jogia, Manish Dayal, Rami Malek, Raviv Ullman, Tommy Savas, and Tony Revolori – with Avan at #1.*


*BREAKING! Naomi Scott has officially been cast as Jasmine in the live-action film!

The poll included Aiysha Hart, Alia Bhatt, Ayesha Kapur, Camilla Belle, Deepika Padukone, Naomi Scott (Yay!), Shraddha Kapoor, and Sonakshi Sinha – with Naomi at #1.


*BREAKING! Will Smith has been confirmed as Genie in the live-action film!


*UPDATE – Marwan Kenzari has been cast as Jafar in the live-action.

The poll included Alexander Siddig, Dev Patel, Joaquin Phoenix, Naveen Andrews, Oded Fehr, Rufus Sewell, Sacha Boren Cohan, and Shaun Toub – with Sacha at #1.*




Elizabeth F, Jessica M, (Kawennahere) Devery J, Marisa Q, Q’orianka K, Roseanne S.

I keep seeing Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera for Pocahontas on fan-cast things but I don’t agree with either of those. I tried my best to find actresses who are actually Native American or at least part Native American. I think each of them could pull off the role well – who do you see as Pocahontas?

John Smith

John Smith

Aaron TJ, Alex P, Armie H, Charlie H, Chris H, Daniel S, Domhnall G, Douglas B, Garrett H, Harry L, Henry C, Rick C.

John wasn’t too difficult to cast. He needs to be dreamy for sure…and be able to pull off longer hair. So I looked at fan picks and came up with some of my own for this character. Let me know who you would pick!




Aaron TJ, Alan R, Armie H, Chord O, Jai C, Kellan L, Kendall S, Tom H.

One thing is for sure, they will need to do what Captain America did, (before Steve was injected with roids to after). It would probably be better to look for someone who is already pretty big or at least someone who is willing to get big (and probably fast). So you’re probably wondering, why Tom? Well he looks the perfect before Hercules-transformation, he just needs to bulk up for the after. And I have a feeling he might actually do that because he did try out for the role of Thor first, not Loki.

Megara “Meg”


Adele E, Alexandra D, Ashley G, Brie L, Caitlin S, Daisy R, Dimitria (Demy) P, Emilia C, Gemma A, Kaya S, Lucy B, Marie A, Melissa B, Nina D, Zoey D.

Meg was another character I had trouble finding actresses for. I tried to look for Greek actresses but that was impossible. So I tried to fit her age range, which I would think is 18-early 20s, and a distinctive voice in actresses. What I mean by this is Meg has a bit of a raspy voice compared to other Disney female leads. So I looked for actresses who can/has a unique voice. I’m not sure how many of these actresses can sing, but I tried my best. I felt I should note that Demy is a Greek singer, but I don’t know if she’s done any acting. Vote who you see as Megara!





*BREAKING – Yifei “Crystal” Liu has been cast as Mulan!

The poll included Arden Cho, Brenda Song, Isabella Leong, Janel Parrish, Jenna Ushkowitz, Katie Leung, Malese Jow, and Yifei Liu (yes!) – with Arden at #1.



Daniel H, Dennis O, Godfrey G, Harry SJr, Ki HL, Remy H.

**I’d imagine we’ll hear Shang/male lead casting soon with Mulan’s casting!




Aaron TJ, Ben B, Bob M, Diego B, Douglas B, Ezra M, Garrett H, Reece R, Samuel L, Scott E.

I finally have Tarzan up! Let me know if I missed anyone! Yes, there is a live-action Tarzan coming but it’s NOT Disney. It stars Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie, coming from Warner Brothers, and I imagine Disney will attempt there own version at some point.

Jane Porter

jane porter

Anna P, Caitlin S, Daisy R, Emilia C, Emily B, Gemma A, Imogen P, Jenna C, Jessica BF, Kaya S, Keira K, Lucy B, Marie A, Natalie D, Olivia C, Phoebe T.

I wanted an actress who could be sophisticated as Jane and of course pull off a British accent. I tried to only cast British actresses who fit the age range (maybe 20-30). I know there are probably many more I am missing, but vote who you see as Jane!

*Side note: Yes, there’s a live-action Tarzan coming with Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan and Margot Robbie as Jane but it is NOT Disney produced. (Think Snow White & The Huntsman)




PicMonkey Collage

I think they should just bring back the voice actors for these two, Lance Henriksen and Glenn Close. They did a great job and I’m going to assume the characters would be CGI in a live-action film…What do you think?





Judge Claude Frollo

Captain Phoebus

So, that’s it for now! I will definitely update this now and then!

Your top-voted picks:

Top disney

As of Aug. 5, 2017 – Ariel Winter for Snow White, Gregg Sulkin for Prince Florian, Eva Green for Evil Queen, Thomas Brodie-Sangster for Peter Pan, Chloe Moretz for Wendy, Russell Brand for Captain Hook, Sophie Turner for Ariel, Logan Lerman for Prince Eric, Kathy Bates for Ursula, Q’orianka Kilcher for Pocahontas, Chris Hemsworth for John Smith, Kellan Lutz for Hercules, Alexandra Daddario for Meg, Arden Cho for Mulan, Ki Hong Lee for Shang, Samuel Larsen for Tarzan, Jenna Coleman for Jane.

My top picks:

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Which movie should I add next?

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18 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Disney Live-Action Movies (Part 1)

  1. Adéle Exarchopoulos for Esmerlda she is close to the character’s age and heritage , she is a French and has greek roots close to esmerlda she is also a good actress and i know she isn’t a singer but at least she has the acting ability

    Kiernan Shipka for Eiwolny she is a good actress who played emontional , funny , cute like Eiwolny , she is also close to the character’s age well they have to age the character like they did with Alice to a teen

    Colin Ford for Taram he might be a little old but if they age to a 18 years old Taram it should work gine , he played fearless , couragous and kind in Under the dome

  2. In my opinion the perfect cast on Pocahontas is not anactress. She is a model named Brenda Schad. I think Pocahontas is supposed to be talk and strong.

  3. Ricardo Hoyos For Kuzco ( he is at the same heritage as him seeing that Kuzco is from the Inca Kingdom Ricardo is a decent of the native American Quecha People from Peru which was the Inca Kingdom and he is very funny like the character )

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