Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer & review

Finally, here is the official trailer for Batman v Superman, in theaters next year March 25th. Check out my review of the trailer AND the IMAX event I got to go to on Monday night!

Trailer Review:

WOW. Simply an amazing tease to what is to come next year. Now I see a lot of complaints about this not showing much or even why Batman and Superman are fighting. This makes me curious to if we watched the same trailer at all. Did you listen to the voice overs? Just listen to them? The fairly obvious question of the film is Superman – a god to some and to some an enemy. Can they trust someone who is gifted with so much power? What will they do about him? It seems Bruce Wayne felt he was the one who should come back in the Batsuit (which looks sick by the way) to confront a man (?) who no one seems to know what to do about. Get it? It is a simple yet complex situation. Now we can probably guess that in the end they’ll join forces (hence Dawn of Justice) but not without Superman paying for the damages he caused in Man of Steel (now quit your yapping about that).

Anyways, back to my review. I think this was a great way to introduce the film, introduce the problem, and introduce the big players. We saw Superman and Bruce/Batman, we heard Holly Hunter (who is rumored to be a US senator), Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Alfred do voice overs as well. We saw great official looks at both of Batman’s suits (which, again, look so awesome) and Superman’s slightly updated Superman costume. We also saw great scenery shots of Gotham and other settings I’m sure fans are scrambling to figure out. THIS is the kind of trailer I want to see. I, and this is MY personal opinion, hate it, (or dislike…hate is such a strong word), when a studio shows way too much in a trailer. Trailers are meant to TEASE the film, not show a sneak peek to every damn scene and event that occurs in the film. Trailers should make you QUESTION what this film is going to end up being, and if the trailer is good, makes you WANT to know more. Again, this is just my opinion of what trailers should be like, no one has to agree with me if they don’t.

What is missing from the trailer is Wonder Woman. How does she come into play? What about Lex Luthor? Justice League members? I didn’t expect them all in the trailer, maybe just a tease of Wonder Woman (ex. Themyscira shot, flash of her lasso or something). But that’s okay. The focus of the film, as the title says, is Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman is, after all, meant to only be a cameo. (And Aquamomoa an even smaller cameo.)

IMAX Event Review:

As soon as Zack tweeted about the event, I immediately got the tickets before even checking how I’d get there. (Obviously I figured it out) The event would have been so much better if the trailer didn’t force WB and Zack to share the trailer early, but at least we got some extra footage! The extra footage came after the logo appears, with Superman and Batman charging at each other, Superman going for a punch and Batman going for the throat. It was amazing to see on the big screen. I wish there was more, but again, the leak forced an early share of the trailer. But hey, it was still amazing to watch it all in IMAX rather than on a computer screen.

The swag included both IMAX movie posters as well as a ticket to see the movie ONE WEEK early! Pretty sick. But the tickets are apparently a first come first serve, so I’ll be keeping an eye for it 😉

Anyways, let me know what you thought of the trailer!


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