Fan-Cast: Wonder Woman movie!

So we have our Wonder Woman, played by Israeli Fast & Furious alum Gal Gadot, and Steve Trevor in Star Trek’s Chris Pine. We also have our director, Patty Jenkins (Monster). To fan-cast this movie is a little bit difficult since there are quite a bit of characters connected to WW and we don’t know how many have already been cast. I’m trying to stick with primary/known villains and allies (especially those on Themyscira), and especially characters rumored for the movie.

*UPDATE –  WW cast officially announced! Cast characters unknown, will update this fan-cast when it is figured out!*


*UPDATE* Robin Wright has been confirmed for the role.

Included in the fan-cast was Charlize Theron, Diane Kruger, Jessica Chastain, Joely Richardson, Katheryn Winnick, Lena Heady, Milla Jovovich, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, and Rosamund Pike with Charlize at #1.


*UPDATE – Ann Wolfe is confirmed as Artemis.

The poll included – Alexandra Daddario, Alyssa Sutherland, Amanda Righetti, Gaia Weiss, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Jessica Chastain, Missy Peregrym, Olga Kurylenko, Olivia Wilde, Rachel Nichols, Riley Keough, and Rosamund Pike – with Rosamund Pike at #1.

CASSANDRA “Cassie” SANDSMARK (Wonder Girl)

wonder girl cassandra sandsmark

Annasophia R, Ashley B, Candice A, Chloe M, Claire H, Elle F, Emma W, Haley B, Halston S, Hannah T, Lily J, Maika M, Skyler S, Spencer L, Suki W, Willa F.

Maybe they already cast Cassie, who knows, (or even if she’ll be cast). If you follow my Titans Fan-Cast, I already had done one for Cassie but I decided to update/adjust it for the DC Universe. I had younger casting choices for Titans but for this I decided to go a little older (but still younger than Diana/Gal).

*UPDATE – Virginia Gardner has been removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways.*

DONNA TROY (Wonder Girl)

Donna Troy Wonder Girl

Alexandra D, Alexis K, Astrid BF, Daisy R, Emmy R, Jessica L, Lily J, Marie A, Nina D, Olivia T, Shelley H, Zoey D.

Out of the two Wonder Girls, Donna is more likely to appear in the DC Universe. Not sure what her exact role would be, or if she’s already been cast, but we’ll see! IMO, Donna should be older than Cassie (but younger than Diana) as well as taller than her. Anyways…


*UPATE* It is likely previously announced Lucy Davis is Etta Candy.

The poll included: Carey Mulligan, Charlotte Sullivan, Elizabeth Banks, Emilia Clarke, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Williams / Alexandra Metz, Jurnee Smollett, Kerry Washington, Marsha Thomason, Naomie Harris, Yaya DaCosta – with Elizabeth Banks at #1.



Abbey L, Bar P, Danielle C, Gaia W, Haley B, Imogen P, Isabel L, Lucy F, Maika M, Suki W, Tamsin E, Teressa L.

Although the WW first solo film is already underway, I still wanted to fan-cast Lyla. She can be the “easter egg,” as they call it, of the film. (Or whenever she’s introduced.) She should look “innocent” but tough at the same time. She isn’ Amazonian so she doesn’t need to be tall, the actress just needs to be able to act. Let me know who you would pick!

*UPDATE – Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman. Elizabeth Debicki has been removed due to her casting in GOTG Vol. 2. Virginia Gardner has been removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways.*



Abbie C, Blake L, Camilla B, Claire H, Danielle C, Dianna A, Haley B, Isabel L, Natalie D, Skyler S, Teresa P, Tracy S.

I finally added Mala after who knows how long since I first posted this fan-cast. As I always do, I searched around the internet of other’s fan-cast picks then added in my own. Let me know in the poll who you would pick or comment in the comment section if you have another idea! (Or even another character to add)

*Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman.


Antonia Thomas, Dominique Tipper, Imani Hakim, Kat Graham, Keke Palmer, Kerry Washington, Lyndie Greenwood, Meagan Tandy, Naomi Campbell, Nathalie Emmanuel, Nicole Beharie, Zoe Kravitz

Antonia T, Dominique T, Imani H, Kat G, Keke P, Kerry W, Lyndie G, Meagan T, Naomi C, Nathalie E, Nicole B, Zoe K.

I didn’t really know what age range Nu’Bia should be, so it’s pretty wide. I’m going to assume she would be around Gal’s age, or slightly older. I also don’t know the probability of her character being in the DCCU. She may even be played by a relatively unknown actress. We’ll see I guess!


*UPDATE* Looks like Ann Ogbomo will be Philippus!

The poll included: Angela Bassett, Dominique Tipper, Gabrielle Union, Gina Torres, Jurnee Smollett, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Taraji P Henson


*UPDATE* Connie Nielsen will officially play Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta!

The poll included: Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Connelly, Joely Richardson, Kate Winslet, Lena Heady, Lynda Carter, Rachel Weisz – with Charlize at #1.


*UPDATE* Steve Trevor will officially be played by Chris Pine!

The poll included: Alan Ritchson, Armie Hammer, Cam Gigandet, Eddie Redmayne, Freddie Stroma, Garrett Hedlund, Jeremy Sumpter, Justin Bruening, Mike Vogel, Ryan Gosling – with Ryan at #1.


*UPDATE* Ares has reportedly been cast. Click here to find out who!*

The fan-cast included Aidan Turner, Craig Parker, Damian Lewis, Daniel Day Lewis, Edgar Ramirez, Eric Bana, Gerald Butler, Jason Isaacs, Joseph Fiennes, Kevin McKidd, Luke Evans, Luke Goss, Richard Armitage, Rufus Sewell, Timothy Olyphant, Zach McGowan – with Gerald Butler at #1.

CHEETAH (Barbara Minerva)


Alicia V, Berenice M, Camilla B, Dominique T, Evan RW, Gemma A, Genesis R, Gugu MR, Jana K, Kate B, Katherine W, Lynn C, Meagan T, Missy P, Moran A, Natalie D, Olivia W, Paula P, Rhona M, Roselyn S.

I feel I could’ve been more diverse with Cheetah but I would have had a huge list. Obviously there are actresses I left out because I didn’t want to give you a giant collage of options, so if I’m missing someone fill out the other option in the poll!

*Lyndsy Fonseca has been removed from the poll due to her casting in Agent Carter. Olivia Munn has been removed from the poll due to her casting as Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse.*



Alexandra B, Alyssa S, Carice VH, Charlize T, Eva G, Gemma A, Jessica C, Katheryn W, Lena H, Moran A, Olivia W, Rachel N.

I feel like I am missing a very obvious choice for Circe, but here is who I came up with. I’d like to note that a lot of the women connected to WW are freakin tall and that limits my picks. Obviously some actresses (in general of this post) won’t meet the height of the character, so I’m more looking into acting ability. Let me know who you see as Circe!

*Bridget Regan has been removed due to her casting in Agent Carter. She was at 4 votes. Elizabeth Debicki has been removed due to her casting in GOTG Vol.2*

*UPDATE* Rumor has it that Eva Green is being sought for the role of Circe. Fingers crossed!


Danny Woodburn, Jordan Prentice, Martin Klebba, Mark Povinelli, Verne Troyer, Warwick Davis

Danny Woodburn, Jordan Prentice, Martin Klebba, Mark Povinelli, Verne Troyer, Warwick Davis

It was really hard not to pick Peter Dinklage, but given that he’s Trask in X-Men, I decided to stay away from picking him. It also was hard casting this character due to the fact that I am not familiar with him at all. If I left an actor out just fill him out in the other answer option of the poll!

GIGANTA (Doris Zuel)


Abbey L, Abbie C, Alexandra B, Alexis K, Alyssa S, Amanda R, Bryce DH, Gaia W, Rachel N, Riley K, Tamsin E, Taylor C.

Okay, Giganta was probably the toughest to find actresses for. When not using her powers, Doris is 6’6″. I haven’t found an actress that’s actually that tall. All of these actresses are close to 6’…. If they do bring Giganta into the DCCU, I hope they’re able to get someone tall…

*Update – Elizabeth Debicki has been removed due to her casting in GOTG Vol. 2. Lauren Cohan has been removed due to her casting as Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman. Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting in Justice League and Aquaman as Mera.


Queen Clea

Abbie C, Alexandra B, Alice E, Ali L, Alyssa S, Berenice M, Diane K, Gaia W, Gwendoline C, Katheryn W, Mary EW, Milla J, Olga K, Rachel N, Rhona M, Rosamund P.

Seriously, why do they have to be so tall! Anyways, here’s some ideas for Clea, although I don’t even know if she’ll ever be in the DCEU… I guess time will tell.

*Update – Elizabeth Debicki has been removed due to her casting in GOTG Vol. 2. Kristen Hager has been removed due to her casting in Gotham. Serinda Swan removed due to casting in Inhumans.*


Silver Swan

Aiysha H, Alice E, Alona T, Amanda R, Ana DA, AnnaLynne M, Astrid BF, Holland R, Jessica C, Juno T, Lily J, Lucy F, Svetlana K, Tamsin E, Teresa P, Yvonne S.

I think there’s maybe 3 people who took the alias Silver Swan. I don’t know which version they’d go with (if this character would ever be seen on the big screen) so I tried to vary on height, ages, and looks.There are probably a bunch more choices out there, (well duh since there’s 3 versions of SS), but I didn’t want a huge collage. I’ll update like I always do. Let me know if I’m missing an actress!

*Update – Amber Heard has been removed due to her casting as Mera in Justice League and Aquaman!*


Veronica Cale

Alice E, Carla G, Charlize T, Elizabeth H, Emily B, Jennifer M, Jessica C, Kate W, Katheryn W, Lena H, Naomi W, Olga K, Olivia W, Piper P, Rachel N, Sandra B.

I am the American success story, Kimberly, I am rags-to-riches, I am everything the Wonder Woman pretends to be. And the difference is that I earned all of it. Through my blood, sweat and tears, I earned it. I made myself who I am. If there is a Wonder Woman in this world, and I stress if… it’s me.

Veronica, or as some call her, Wonder Woman’s Lex Luthor. Fun fact, Elizabeth was picked to play Veronica in the WW CW show (before it got cancelled). Again, don’t know if she’ll be in the DCEU, I think it’d be interesting if she was and met up with Lex Luthor…(mwahhahaha…I’ll stop now). Anyways, let me know who you would pick!

*UPDATE – Kristen Hager removed due to casting in Gotham. Nicole Kidman removed due to possible casting in Aquaman.*

The Amazons so far:

Amazons wonder woman

Gal Gadot-Diana Prince, Connie Nielsen-Queen Hippolyta, Robin Wright-General Antiope, Lisa Loven Konglsi-Lieutenant Menalippe, Ann Ogbomo-Philippus, Ann Wolfe-Artemis, Doutzen Kroes-Venelia, Florence Kasumba-Senator Acantha, Eleanor Matsuura-Epione, Samantha Jo-Euboea, Mayling Ng-Orana, Brooke Ence-Penthiselea, Madeleine Vall-Egeria, Jacqui-Lee Pryce-Niobe, and Tilly Powell, Zinnia Kumar, Marie Jackson, Jolie Stanford, Andrea Vasiliou and Georgina Armstrong as unknown Amazons.

So that’s the end of my Wonder Woman fan cast! Below you’ll see the top-voted picks:

Wonder Woman

As of March 13, 2017 – Annasophia Robb for Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl, Alexandra Daddario for Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Isabel Lucas for Harbinger, Haley Bennett for Mala, Zoe Kravitz for N’ubia, Eva Green for Circe, Olivia Wilde for Cheetah, Warwick Davis for Doctor Psycho, Bryce Dallas Howard for Giganta, Alice Eve for Queen Clea, Holland Roden for Silver Swan, Charlize Theron for Veronica Cale.

My top-picks:

Wonder Woman

Lily James for Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl, Rhona Mitra for Cheetah, Eva Green for Circe, Warwick Davis for Doctor Psycho, Alexandra Daddario for Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, Alyssa Sutherland for Giganta, Isabel Lucas for Harbinger, Tracy Spiridakos for Mala, Zoe Kravitz for N’ubia, Olga Kurylenko for Queen Clea, Holland Roden for Silver Swan, Naomi Watts for Veronica Cale.


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