Tyrese Gibson wants the Green Lantern role!

It first started with this post on Instagram (shared also on his Facebook later when it started to go viral):

Rumor has it that.

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Fans went berzerk, thinking it meant that he got the role. But, as some suspected, it was just to throw his name into the mix for the role, hoping it’d go viral (succeeded).

After several Instagram photos, Tyrese shared another one with the caption “Did someone say “What does Tyrese know about the comic book world?” Google Tyrese Mayhem and Jim Lee – thanks sincerely #GL”. Mayhem, for those who don’t know, is a comic book mini-series that Tyrese co-wrote back in 2009, published by Image Comics.

Boss Logic, a popular (superhero) artist among fans, created a work with Tyrese Gibson (see here and here) who shared the photo!

Shout to @bosslogix so cool!

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After one post about watching Fury, Tyrese shared the first GL image he posted again but without the watermarks. Also stating “Idris fall back I got this” – talking about Idris Elba.

“Green chocolate is spreading…”

Green chocolate is spreading…… #GL

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Then, he lets his followers who don’t know about the comic book world who GL/John Stewart is:

He talks about Mayhem and Jim Lee again…

Not sure if this ties into GL, I feel like it does, but Tyrese then shared a photo of the box office money made in movies he’s been in (Transformers 3 at #1).

And another fan art shared (by Boss Logic)…

It seems Tyrese asked for Boss Logic to create more pieces because of this…

He shared a work from another fan account stating why Idris Elba (popular GL fan-cast) can’t be GL because of commitments to Marvel:

Repost from a fan…… Who wanted to clarify

A post shared by TYRESE (@tyrese) on

And the latest post on Green Lantern that appears to be going viral faster than other posts –

20|20 “I am fully committed to suiting up for this adventure” – @Tyrese #GL

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!

So what do you think of all this? Who knows of the possibility that Tyrese will get the role, but his name is certainly being heard with the amount of times he’s shared and fan accounts has shared of him as Green Lantern.


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