Fan-Cast: Shazam movie!

Coming in 2019 is the long-waited for Shazam movie. It currently stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the villian Black Adam. Black Adam was in the story at one point but now it looks like Shazam and Black Adam will get their own individual films. Henry Gayden (Earth to Echo) is working on the script while David Sandberg (Lights Out, Annabelle 2) will be directing Shazam. Pre-production is underway with an early 2018 production date being the goal. Casting should be underway as well.


Many comic fans should know that Shazam is part of a bigger team/family of Shazam-power-granted characters. Although there is no information on if we will see any of these characters in the Shazam movie, it’s still fun to fan-cast, right?



Alan R, Armie H, Brandon M, Daniel C, Derek T, Kellan L, Liam H, Ryan M, Tom W.

Shazam should be played by someone who can incorporate a bit of child-like attitudes, given that he is Billy Batson. It would’ve been nice if Chris Pratt was Shazam but he works great as Starlord! So for this fan-cast, I looked for actors who could go toe-to-toe with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Each are over 6′, but Armie, Derek, Brandon, and Daniel match The Rock’s height, with Derek and Daniel being slightly taller. A lot of the actors listed have either had superhero experience already (and are simply no longer in those roles) or have expressed interest in being one (and possibly tried out for some, just didn’t get it).

*UPDATE – Casting should be underway soon as production is said to start early next year. Derek Theler and Alan Ritchson have both recently joined Marvel/DC TV shows so the likeliness they could be Shazam is low. Particularly, with them not being on the rumored front-runner list for the role…

billy batson

Asa B, Cameron B, Chandler R, CJ A, Dakota G, Dylan S, Emjay A, Finn W, Jacob T, Noah S, Ted A, Ty S.

As for Billy, he should be played by someone young but I didn’t know how young WB would go. So I varied a bit in ages and kept it under 20.

*Update – I put the cut off age at 20 so Charlie Rowe has been removed.*

MARY MARVEL (Mary Batson/Bromfield)

Mary Batson, twin of Billy Batson (or adopted sister depending on the story line you look at), was also given the power of Shazam but instead transforms into Mary Marvel. I don’t know DC/WB’s plans for Mary (on whether she’ll actually be related to Billy). So fan-casting Mary is quite difficult…

Mary Marvel

Alexandra D, Alicia V, Anna K, Ashley G, Daisy R, Daveigh C, Emilia C, Emma W, Georgie H, Hailee S, Jane L, Kiernan S, Marie A, Odeya R, Shelley H, Zoey D.

I decided to have Mary be older than Billy, whether related or not doesn’t entirely matter (if they do, they just won’t be twins). These actresses, I think, are capable of playing Mary Marvel, but also include others’ ideas. Again, I varied in ages as I’m not sure what direction they plan to go with Mary. Let me know in the poll who you like best or comment other ideas you have!

*UPDATE – Amber Heard has been removed due to casting in Justice League and Aquaman as Mera.*

CAPTAIN MARVEL JR (Freddy Freeman)

I’m curious if they’ll be changing his name…Anyways, here are some ideas for another member of the Shazam family. His origin story differs from the rest of the family as his powers came from Shazam/Captain Marvel himself while the rest of the family got them from the wizard Shazam. Instead, Freddy would say “Captain Marvel” to transform into Captain Marvel Jr (Shazam Jr?) and stays the same age (teenager) as his alter ego unlike the rest.

Captain Marvel Jr Freddy Freeman

Alexander L, Ansel E, Billy U, Callan M, Cody C, Colin F, Daniel R, Dominic S, Douglas B, Dylan OB, Josh H, Logan L, Matthew D, Nathan K, Steven RM.

So which look they’re going for is unknown (if they even include the character at all) so I tried to vary a bit in the actors. What I do want to note, as again I am not going to explain each pick since there’s a lot, is that each of these actors has the acting ability to pull of this character (IMO). Let me know who you like best/other suggestions in the poll!

*UPDATE – Kodi Smit-McPhee has been removed due to casting in X-Men Apocalypse as Nightcrawler. Cameron Monaghan has been removed due to casting in Gotham. Due to age cut-off, Daniel Sharman, Dave Franco, have been removed. Anton Yelchin has been removed due to his passing; rest in peace. Gregg Sulkin removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways. Brenton Thwaites removed due to casting in the Titans series.*

Shazam the Wizard!

Shazam Wizard

Anthony H, Charles D, Danny G, Denzel W, Donald S, Ed H, Ernie H, John G, John H, Jonathan P, Julian G, Lance R, Lennie J, Michael G, Morgan F, Sean C.

Now I’m not sure which version they’d go with for Shazam the Wizard…Just judging by some characters in the cinematic universe so far, it seems they’re going with older/original incarnations. But there are some exceptions, of course. As long as they get someone who can pull off the immensity of the role..

*Sir Christopher Lee has been removed from the poll due to his passing. Rest in Peace.*


Everyone knows that The Rock has been announced to play Black Adam… BlackAdam1_2There is no word though if any of the other members of his “family” will be in the movie. Again, like the Marvel/Shazam family, it’s still fun to fan-cast anyways!

ISIS (Adrianna Tomaz)


Aiysha H, Camilla B, Freida P, Gemma A, Jessica S, Jordana B, Maiara W, Moran A, Odette A, Priyanka C, Roselyn S, Sarah S.

I’ll be honest, it was hard to fan-cast Isis, it was especially harder to find any Egyptian actresses! Since I couldn’t find any at all, I had to look for actresses who could pull off being/looking Egyptian…I tried not to “white-wash” as it’s called now but came up with only a few actresses. But I do feel each of these actresses could prove great in the role. Some of them may not be as tall as they should be for the role, but I feel height can be overlooked. If you have any other ideas, let me know in either the comments or poll!

OSIRIS (Amon Tomaz)

Ashton Moio, Avan Jogia, Kiowa Gordon, Manish Dayal, Rami Malek, Raviv Ullman, Reece Ritchie, Tommy Savas

Ashton Moio, Avan Jogia, Kiowa Gordon, Manish Dayal, Rami Malek, Raviv Ullman, Reece Ritchie, Tommy Savas

Amon is the brother of Adrianna, aka Isis, who was enslaved at a young age (resulting in Isis and Black Adam searching for him). Black Adam granted power to Amon so every time he said Black Adam, he would turn into Osiris, completing the Black Marvel/Adam family. At one point he was part of the Teen Titans and Deathstroke’s team. Osiris has quite a tragic story, ending with his true form, Amon, being eaten by his crocodile pet Sobek. Sure he gets revived and what not, but really…Anyways, I chose these actors because I felt they could pull off the role (obviously, otherwise they wouldn’t even be considered). I especially like the idea of Rami as Amon – fun fact he played the Pharaoh in Night At The Museum. Who could you see as Osiris? Or what other idea do you have? Let me know in the poll!

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Sept. 4, 2016 – Alan Ritchson for Shazam, Asa Butterfield for Billy Batson, Josh Hutcherson for Freddy Freeman/Captain Marvel Jr, Alexandra Daddario for Mary Marvel/Batson, Donald Sutherland for Shazam the Wizard, Rami Malek for Osiris/Amon Tomaz, Gemma Arterton for Isis/Adrianna Tomaz.

My top-picks:


Charles Dance as Shazam the Wizard, Zoey Deutch as Mary Marvel, Noah Schnapp as Billy Batson and Derek Theler as Shazam, Alexander Ludwig as Freddy Freeman, Priyanka Chopra as Adrianna Tomaz/Isis, Rami Malek as Amon Tomaz/Osiris.


8 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Shazam movie!

  1. Noah Schnapp for Billy Batson (I loved his take on Charlie Brown)

    Danielle Campbell for Mary Batson

    Emjay Anthony as Freddy Freeman (had it not been for “The Peanuts”, Emjay would’ve been my choice for Billy)

    Ernie Hudson for Shazam (based off the New 52 run)

  2. Shazam- Alan Ritchson
    Billy Batson- Zachary Gordon, Finn Wolfhard or Noah Schnapp

    Captain Marvel Jr- Alexander Ludwig
    Freddy Freeman- Sean Giambrone

    Mary Marvel- Anna Kendrick
    Mary Batson- Rowan Blanchard

    The Wizard- Lennie James

    Also who should play Dr. Silvana?

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