Fan-Cast: Shazam / Black Adam films!

Coming in April 2019 is the long-waited for Shazam movie. It currently stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the villian Black Adam. Black Adam was in the story at one point but now it looks like Shazam and Black Adam will get their own individual films. Henry Gayden (Earth to Echo) is working on the script while David Sandberg (Lights Out, Annabelle: Creation) will be directing Shazam. Pre-production and casting is underway with an early 2018 production date being the goal.


Many comic fans should know that Shazam is part of a bigger team/family of Shazam-power-granted characters. Judging by casting, we will see Billy’s family but it’s unknown if we’ll see their super-powered alter egos as well.

Shazam / Billy Batson

*UPDATE* Zachary Levi is officially Shazam!

The poll included Alan Ritchson, Armie Hammer, Brandon Molale, Daniel Cudmore, Derek Theler, Kellan Lutz, Liam Hemsworth, Ryan McPartlin, and Tom Welling – with Alan at #1.

*UPDATE* Asher Angel has been cast as Billy Batson!

The poll included Asa Butterfield, Cameron Boyce, Chandler Riggs, CJ Adams, Dakota Goyo, Dylan Schmid, Emjay Anthony, Finn Wolfhard, Jacob Trembly, Noah Schnapp, Ted Allpress, and Ty Simpkins – with Asa at #1.

Mary Batson/Bromfield / Mary Marvel

*UPDATE – Grace Fulton has been cast as “Mary.”

The poll included Alexandra Daddario, Alicia Vikander, Anna Kendrick, Ashley Greene, Daisy Ridley, Daveigh Chase, Emilia Clarke, Emma Watson, Georgie Henley, Hailee Steinfeld, Jane Levy, Kiernan Shipka, Marie Avgeropoulos, Odeya Rush, Shelley Hennig, and Zoey Deutch – with Alexandra at #1.

 Freddy Freeman / Captain Marvel Jr

*UPDATE – Jack Dylan Grazer has been cast as “Freddy.”

The poll included Alexander Ludwig, Ansel Elgort, Billy Unger, Callan McAuliffe, Cody Christian, Colin Ford, Daniel Radcliffe, Dominic Sherwood, Douglas Booth, Dylan O’Brien, Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman, Matthew Daddario, Nathan Kress, and Steven R McQueen – with Alexander at #1.*

Shazam the Wizard

*UPDATE – Ron Cephas Jones has been cast as Mamaragan aka Shazam the Wizard.

The poll included Anthony Head, Charles Dance, Danny Glover, Denzel Washington, Donald Sutherland, Ed Harris, Ernie Hudson, John Glover, Jonathan Pryce, Julian Glover, Lance Reddick, Lennie Jones, Michael Gambon, Morgan Freeman, and Sean Connery – with Donald at #1.


Everyone knows that The Rock has been announced to play Black Adam…But there is no word though if any of the other members of his “family” will be in the movie. Again, like the Marvel/Shazam family, it’s still fun to fan-cast anyways!

ISIS (Adrianna Tomaz)

Isis Adrianna Tomaz

Aiysha H, Camilla B, Freida P, Gemma A, Irina S, Jessica S, Jordana B, Maiara W, Moran A, Priyanka C, Roselyn S, Sarah S.

I’ll be honest, it was hard to fan-cast Isis, it was especially harder to find any Egyptian actresses! I wouldn’t be surprised if The Rock had some say in who they cast and have an actress he previously worked with cast. If you have any other ideas, let me know in either the comments or poll!

*UPDATE – Odette Annable removed due to casting in Supergirl.*

OSIRIS (Amon Tomaz)

Ashton Moio, Avan Jogia, Kiowa Gordon, Manish Dayal, Rami Malek, Raviv Ullman, Reece Ritchie, Tommy Savas

Ashton Moio, Avan Jogia, Kiowa Gordon, Manish Dayal, Rami Malek, Raviv Ullman, Reece Ritchie, Tommy Savas

Amon is the brother of Adrianna who was enslaved at a young age (resulting in Isis and Black Adam searching for him). Black Adam granted power to Amon so every time he said Black Adam, he would turn into Osiris, completing the Black Marvel/Adam family. At one point he was part of the Teen Titans and Deathstroke’s team, but I’m not sure we’ll see that storyline. Who would you cast?

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Shazam Black Adam Osiris Isis

As of Dec. 21, 2017 – Priyanka Chopra for Adrianna Tomaz/Isis and Rami Malek for Amon Tomaz/Osiris.


10 thoughts on “Fan-Cast: Shazam / Black Adam films!

  1. Noah Schnapp for Billy Batson (I loved his take on Charlie Brown)

    Danielle Campbell for Mary Batson

    Emjay Anthony as Freddy Freeman (had it not been for “The Peanuts”, Emjay would’ve been my choice for Billy)

    Ernie Hudson for Shazam (based off the New 52 run)

  2. Shazam- Alan Ritchson
    Billy Batson- Zachary Gordon, Finn Wolfhard or Noah Schnapp

    Captain Marvel Jr- Alexander Ludwig
    Freddy Freeman- Sean Giambrone

    Mary Marvel- Anna Kendrick
    Mary Batson- Rowan Blanchard

    The Wizard- Lennie James

    Also who should play Dr. Silvana?

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