Fan-Cast: (Teen) Titans – TV

I finally decided to separate movie and TV Titans fan cast…A live-action series is in the works and will be separate from the Arrowverse. Casting is currently underway.

NIGHTWING (Dick Grayson)

Nightwing Dick Grayson

Adam G, Ashton M, Daniel R, Dominic S, Douglas B, Drew R, Garrett H, George F, Kevin Z, Logan L, Steven RM, Tyler B.

Why Nightwing? Well, originally the TNT show would follow Dick as Nightwing (not Robin). So I’m sticking with it.


Aqualad Garth Tempest

Asa Butterfield, Brandon Soo Hoo, Harry Shum Jr, Justin Chon, Logan Henderson, Logan Lerman

Whether Garth is Aqualad or Tempest, he should be involved with the Titans. Unless they plan to go the way Young Justice did with Kaldur instead.

WONDER GIRL (Donna Troy)

Donna Troy Wonder Girl

Alexandra D, Alexis K, Daisy R, Daveigh C, Jessica G, Jessica L, Jessica S, Kaya S, Marie A, Odeya R, Phoebe T, Zoey D.

Not sure the likeliness we’ll see either Wonder Girls without Wonder Woman. As we’ve seen in the shows, Arrow, Flash, and Martian Manhunter are present which led to Red Arrow & Speedy, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian. But Donna is an original member, so we’ll see!

*Lyndsy has been removed due to her casting in Agent Carter. Amber Heard has been removed due to casting as Queen Mera.*

BEAST BOY (Garfield Logan)

Beast Boy

Asa B, Billy U, Brandon SH, Callan M, Cameron B, Carlos PV, Chandler R, Connor J, Dakota G, Dylan OB, Josh H, Sam S.

Beast Boy is another popular character from the Titans team. He’ll probably be the youngest of the team as he’s usually portrayed, maybe they’ll age him up. We’ll see!

*UPDATE – Cameron Monaghan has been removed due to his casting in Gotham. Anton Yelchin has been removed due to his passing; Rest in peace.*

CYBORG (Victor Stone)


Dayo O, Eli G, John B, Kofi S, Noah GC, Sinqua W, Stephan J, Titus M Jr, Tristan W.

We’ve have a Cyborg on the CW’s Smallville, so it’s possible to seem him return again. The only issue is that Cyborg is a prominent/League member for the movies. It’s possible now, though, it doesn’t matter with Geoff Johns in charge.



Caitlin S, Courtney E, Elizabeth G, Isabelle F, Kaya S, Maiara W, Naomi S, Nina D, Odeya R, Phoebe T, Seychelle G, Zoey D.

Since Constantine is back and part of the CW, we could see Zatanna. Curious, though, how they plan to bring her about since Constantine is about Arrow’s age. Will she be younger? Same age as him? Will we even see her be part of the Titans? We’ll see.

SUPERBOY (Kon-El/Conner Kent)


Alexander L, Brant D, Cody C, Drew R, Logan L, Lucas T, Nolan GF, Spencer B, Sterling B, Steven RM, Taron E, Zac E.

It’s very possible we’ll see Superboy at some point in the TV universe given Supergirl has her own show and Superman was just added.







AQUALAD (Kaldur’ahm)


Alfie Enoch, Corbin Bleu, Jacob Anderson, Najee De Tiege, Stephan James, Tequan Richmond, Titus Makin Jr, Tristan Wilds

If Aqualad is part of the Titans, I would think they’d only choose one of the two. We’ll see though!

WONDER GIRL (Cassandra Sandsmark)

wonder girl

Alexandria D, Annasophia R, Ashley B, Caitlin S, Chloe M, Claire H, Danielle C, Gabriella W, Indiana E, Lucy F, Maika M, Nicola P, Skyler S, Sophia C, Spencer L, Willa F.

Two Wonder Girls, like there are two Aqualads. Like the former, we may not see both Donna and Cassandra in the film universe. Perhaps Donna would be better off in film while Cassandra would suit the small screen. Not sure.

*UPDATE – Olivia Holt has been removed due to her casting in Cloak and Dagger. Virginia Gardner has been removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways.*


STARFIRE (Koriand’r)


Alexandra D, Alexis K, Ana DA, Camilla B, Claire H, Danielle C, Daveigh C, Haley B, Jane L, Jessica G, Meagan T, Naomi S, Nicola P, Phoebe T, Shelley H.

Starfire has not been introduced in neither the TV or movie universes. I wonder who will bring her first! She’s a popular character and would be a great addition to the Titans team.

*Sophie Turner has been removed from the poll due to her casting as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. Amber Heard has been removed as she may be Queen Mera. Virginia Gardner has been removed due to casting in Marvel’s Runaways.*

RAVEN (Rachel Roth)

*UPDATE – Teagan Croft has been cast as Raven.

The poll included Allison Scagliottie, Briana Evigan, Daisy Ridley, Elizabeth Gillies, Emilia Clarke, Emily Blunt, Hailee Steinfeld, Isabelle Fuhrman, Ksenia Solo, Marie Avgeropoulos, Odeya Rush, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Rooney Mara, Seychelle Gabriel, & Zoey Deutch – with Elizabeth at #1.*

TERRA (Tara Markov)


Alexandria D, Brighton S, Britt R, Carlson Y, Danielle C, Dove C, Eliza T, Indiana E, Maddie H, Madison D, Maika M, Nicola P, Peyton L, Stefanie S, Taissa F, Willa F.

As many of the Titans in this fan-cast, we’ve yet to meet Terra in live-action. She might not even be a main Titan member at first in either live-action universe, but I think we’ll see her eventually somewhere.

*UPDATE – Olivia Holt has been removed due to her casting in Cloak and Dagger.*

BLUE BEETLE (Jaime Reyes)


Ashton Moio, Avan Jogia, Diego Boneta, Dylan O’Brien, Jake T Austin, Jordan Rodrigues, Logan Henderson, Tyler Posey

There are 2 Blue Beetles, with the first being Ted Kord. If DC is going to introduce the hero, Kord should come first. Then we can see Reyes come along, joining the Titans. Plus, Snyder wouldn’t exactly rule out obscure heroes like Beetle from the League…



ROCKET (Raquel Ervin)


Alexandra M, Antonia T, Imani H, Kat G, Keke P, Logan B, Meagan T, Nathalie E, Serayah, Sydney P, Yaya D, Zoe K.

Another character more likely to appear in a TV Titans than movie. She would also probably be on the younger side.

*UPDATE – Zendaya has been removed due to her casting in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Kiersey Clemons removed due to her casting in The Flash movie.*



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Teen Titans TV

As of March 15, 2017 – Steven R McQueen for Nightwing, Alexandra Daddario for Wonder Girl/Donna Troy, Harry Shum Jr for Garth/Aqualad/Tempest, Alexandra Daddario for Starfire, Dylan O’Brien for Beast Boy, Elizabeth Gillies for Raven, John Boyega for Cyborg, Kaya Scodelario for Zatanna, Brant Daugherty for Superboy, Ashley Benson for Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl, Tyler Posey for Blue Beetle, Britt Robertson for Terra, Jacob Anderson for Aqualad/Kaldur, Keke Palmer for Rocket.



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