Katie Cassidy suits up as Black Canary

We finally get to see Katie Cassidy’s character Laurel Lance suit up in her alter ego, Black Canary! As most followers of the show, Arrow, should know, Laurel’s sister, Sara, was Canary first. It was when Sara was killed that Laurel finally began to train (with Wildcat of course) that will eventually lead her to becoming Black Canary.

BC1Pretty bad ass right? Now I really don’t get the continued hate of Laurel – she is truly trying to redeem herself and avenge her sister. I was annoyed of her (which sucked because Canary is one my favorite superheroes) in the previous season but I can see things are changing with her character…hopefully everyone else will too.

Cassidy’s Black Canary will make her debut in Episode 10 “Left Behind.”


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